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Most know I’ve been extremely slow of late, setting things up for the Keystone Comic Con fan table next month, and for my own convention Retro Con in October. So until I can really post a newer blog later this week.. I’m sharing some of my favorite interviews and spotlights! Today I share a personal favorite, an interview I had with mydogwatson!


So I’ve done Blogs on collecting, art and cosplay! But I’ve done nothing on my favorite part of the Sherlock verse yet, and that’s the fan-fiction! I love reading fan stories! My favorite stories, all come from a stack of Postcards! These Postcards are stories of John and Sherlock, posted by my friend mydogwatson! She’s a brilliant! Why are they called Postcards? I’ll let mydogwatson tell you and then I’ll share some of her favorites!

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Sherlock Fans: How long have you been writing Sherlock stories, and when were you first introduced to the series?

mydogwatson: I wrote a few Sherlock Holmes stories years ago, just for myself. With this show, I started writing between season one and season two. I watched the first episode the night it aired in the USA and was in love immediately.

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Our Favorite Cosplay


Honoring our favorite fans and their cosplay!  Enjoy and please follow all of these fans, their amazing! The photo above is yours truly dressed up as Mrs. Hudson, with a some of the Sherlock cast and crew members! [For you cosplay fans this is a must follow on Instagram: 221bDisney!]


Coslocked is a must follow team! You can find this duo on Facebook, TwitterTumblr and on Instagram!


This Blogger, joining the two for a fun shot!


Find these talented fans on Instagram: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, and Molly – @blueandgreenhearts More on this amazing group below!

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A Winning Piece Of Art!

A Big Congratulations [Cecilia G.F.] a favorite artist of mine, whom won the Final Challenge in The Game is Now!! Her art is simply amazing and worthy of a wonderful prize! Below is a sample of that winning art!



You can also purchase t-shirts from Cecilia on Red Bubble! Find Cecilia on Twitter, DeviantArt, Facebook and on ArtStation

A MUST have T-shirt by Cecilia!! Buy it on Red Bubble!!




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