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Sherlock Fan Art

Earlier it was thought, that the art in this fan banner was to be sold during the charity auction, at The Game Is Never Over event. It’s not, nor did I identify it as being a part of the auction. It’s an example of the art we would love to see during the event! All of it is seen on the Sherlock Fans USA page though and was given permission to share years ago, long as the artist was linked or given credit for their work. Which is what we always do. We love our fellow fans, and would never use something without their permission first.

Sorry for any confusion, and we do hope to see some of the artists listed in this banner at our event! We’re now working on getting a piece from one of our personal favorites Cecilia G.F. who you can follow on Twitter at ThanatosOfNicte, on Instagram at @thanatosofnicte, and on her DeviantArt page! Her piece would be added to the charity auction!

Happy Birthday Martin!


This is our way of saying.. “Happy Birthday, Martin!” Sharing a beautiful selection of art, honoring one of our favorite talents! The gorgeous piece above is by CeciliaGF, the one below by Amanda Tolleson.


“We Fan’s Love You and adore you, Martin! Wishing you the best always!

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The shot has been fired… Fan art Spotlight!


It’s been a while since I’ve spotlighted some art… So I’ll kick things off with a personal favorite, some art by AlessiaPelonzi! [Centering on season three, Mary joins the duo. This piece above is titled Crumbled after the shot has been fired.]


An emotional moment for Watson.

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