Memento Vivere: The Root to All Grief

In Chapter Two of Memento Vivere, a young Mycroft Holmes must deal with his mother’s illness, along with a father that’s never there. As always, amazing writing by mydogwatson, never a disappointment! Mycroft art by ladynlmda who can be found on deviantart!

Enjoy a teaser below and read the full chapter at The Root to All Grief!

Unusually, later that week, Father was in for dinner.

Nanny warned him, so Mycroft had donned a proper jacket and tie. Most evenings now, he sat alone at the table or invited Mr. Hall to join him, but the tutor seemed to feel that only once a week was it acceptable for them to dine together. Any more than that was, apparently, inappropriate. Other evenings, Mycroft just took a tray in his room with Nanny. That good woman sometimes seemed to be [prematurely] in a state of bereavement. All she lacked was the black crape.

Of course, they never talked about it either.

Father was already at the table when Mycroft walked in. A glass of whiskey sat in front of him. “Sir,” Mycroft said, before taking his seat.

“Mr. Hall reports that you are excelling in your studies,” Father said. “That speaks well of your future success when you go to school.”

Mycroft preferred to never think about the subject of going away to school. Going to a country of which he had no memory, having sailed away from it when he was less than six months of age. He did not speak until the young Sikh man whose name he had never actually learned had served their meal and slipped away again. “Mr. Hall is not tedious as a tutor,” he said then.

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We are honored to have Teri White, mydogwatson as our first official fan-fiction/writer guest! Teri has been a Sherlock fan for over 60 years, she is also a huge Johnlock fan, who’s published books in the past! Favorite stories include her Postcard collections, her Ficlets from 2017 & 2018, and my personal favorite Palimpsest! Teri will also be hosting the Fan-Fiction Panel, with others, and possibly a Shipper’s Panel!

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