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The photo below is from one of my favorite fan meet-ups! This was taken at The Game Is Now, a few years ago now! 

Of course, these events are happening while keeping fans safe!

221b CON has a Virtual Event starting April 9th through April 11th, 2021! Learn more and join in the fun at  

Showmasters is planning on a spectacular return with London Film & Comic Con on 23rd – 25th July. Learn More at  

This November, we Sherlock Fans USA are also planning another fan gathering! Dates will be announced soon! Have questions email me at  

FOR YOU RETRO/COMIC CON FANS this is another event to check out RETRO CON 2021:

More BLOGS SOON as I’m slowly adjust to a new job! Training takes awhile too! -Rose aka BLOGGER

Sherlock Throwbacks: POSTCARDS

While I continue to play catch up, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blogs! Starting out with this fun interview titled POSTCARDS! Thanks to mydogwatson for this fun opportunity so long ago! Enjoy! -Rose aka Blogger


So I’ve done Blogs on collecting, art and cosplay! But I’ve done nothing on my favorite part of the Sherlock verse yet, and that’s the fan-fiction! I love reading fan stories! My favorite stories, all come from a stack of Postcards! These Postcards are stories of John and Sherlock, posted by my friend mydogwatson! She’s brilliant! Why are they called Postcards? I’ll let mydogwatson tell you and then I’ll share some of her favorites!

– – –

Sherlock Fans: How long have you been writing Sherlock stories, and when were you first introduced to the series?

mydogwatson: I wrote a few Sherlock Holmes stories years ago, just for myself. With this show, I started writing between season one and season two. I watched the first episode the night it aired in the USA and was in love immediately.

Continue reading Sherlock Throwbacks: POSTCARDS


Greetings my fellow Sherlock fans… I know I’ve been very slow this new year, works been very difficult and I’m constantly busy, so much so that I had to change jobs, which is also a long process. I haven’t had much time for online activities, which I’m sure most of you have noticed. I hope to be more active in the future though! Please be patient with me, and stay well. My new job starts March 22nd, so wish me luck!!! -BLOGGER

Now Onto Some Sherlock Goodies!!! 

My friend Judy Rudek… a.k.a Mycroft, has cross-stitched these two beautiful men and has offered these two for our next U.S. Fan Gathering! Do we plan to have another meet-up? YES! No dates will be announced yet, but we are hopeful. 

I’m way behind on my Fanfiction reading due to work, but I do want to remind everyone that mydogwatson is still writing wonderful stuff, and I still plan to blog more on her stories! To read more of her stories, follow the link below:

To my fellow fans, if you write Fanfiction, I would love to share them! Email me at 


The art below is by a personal favorite Sweet Little Kitty! Who can be found on DeviantArt, Redbubble, and tumblr!  I’ve actually purchased one of her t-shirts on RedBubble, beautiful art!


Judy aka Mycroft enjoying her cupcakes!!!

It’s been a busy week again, but I do have more fun photos to share from November, as a very small group of us got together to celebrate Sherlock’s Anniversary, with cake, episodes, fun photos, and more!!!   

Stay Safe and Keep Watching Sherlock! -Rose aka Blogger

Rai as (James), Judy as (Mycroft), Yours Truly as (Sherlock( and Rhonna as (John Watson)!
The Holmes bothers against Moriarty!
Sherlock’s reliving a found memory from age six!!! Not sure Mycroft enjoyed it!
Stealing Mycroft’s umbrella!
Not so fast… Brother Mine!
Mycroft and Sherlock enjoying miniature golf?!
Mycroft couldn’t find a Goldfish!

I’ll be adding more PHOTOS soon!!! – Blogger

PS: If you have something you’d like to share in the future, shoot me an email at [No Spammers Please!]

For those that have followed my GAME IS NEVER OVER page, I’ll be deleting that due to my time schedule, we can still plan meet-ups on this page!


For those that haven’t been following Ali Miller and The Game Is Now, both still offer FAN SAFE and FUN COLLECTIBLES along with online events! Check out these links and stay safe!

For Ail Miller go to

The GAME IS NOW go to

The Mystery Of Life

John Watson has been reading and learning so much, as he continues to work! Mycroft continues on his quest to be queen! 🙂 And Sherlock takes on his first case…The Case Of Ananda Holmes! All in this next chapter of Memento Vivere by  mydogwatson! Amazing art by arashicat!

Enjoy a short teaser as always…

So this was legwork.

After more than two hours dawdling behind the rundown gambling den, Mycroft knew that this sort of activity was not really his forte. He was miserable, honestly, and also uneasy because he did not really know what would happen when—-if—-the man he was waiting for actually appeared. There were secret passwords involved, for heaven’s sake.

He felt a bit of a fool.

The cold air was seeping into his shoes, so he stamped his feet to get the blood flowing. Unexpectedly, he thought of India, of the warmth that had enveloped him, but that was only a memory now.

And that was was a dangerous line of thought. Memories.

Read the full chapter at The Mystery Of Life! Follow mydogwatson at



We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Or Else I Shall Be Lost

On one’s own… Both young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, must learn to live without their brothers in this next chapter of Memento Vivere! Brilliantly written by mydogwatson! Amazing art by arashicat!

A teaser as always…

It was a fortnight later when he received a letter from Sherlock. The handwriting was overly tidy, rather than the usual impatient scrawl his brother produced, so clearly he had made an effort.

Dear Mycroft,

I do not know if you have heard about my mother. She has gone missing and I fear the worst. Father is quite upset. I think he would be glad if you came home now, because I am not a very good son. He seems to forget that I am here, which is actually fine, but I am sure that he would pay attention to you. I would be glad of your homecoming as well.

You have not written to me in some time, so maybe I am not a good brother either. I could do better, I think, if you were here.

Your brother,

Mycroft carefully folded the letter and returned it to the envelope, deliberately not looking at the wall above his desk.

Read the full chapter at Or Else I Shall Be Lost!


We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Young Men At Anguish


Dark times for both a young Sherlock and John, in this next chapter of Memento Vivere. For Mycroft, he finds a new opportunity awaiting him. Beautiful art above by Aumael on DeviantArt! Read the complete chapter at Young Men At Anguish.

A very short teaser…

Despite the warmth in the room and the shawl wrapped around his shoulders, Sherlock realized that he was shivering at the sudden understanding that nothing was going to be ordinary ever again if Mummy did not come back.

He looked up and saw that his father was staring at him.

“Would someone get that boy to bed,” Father barked. “Now, William.”

– I’m still playing catch up on the mydogwatson goodies! -Blogger



We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Come And Take Him In

In this chapter we meet a young John Watson, struggling with a very poor family. Mycroft continues his education while making time to write a young Sherlock, who is now collecting butterflies! The year’s continue to fly by in this next chapter by mydogwatson! Art above by GorryBear at!

Teaser below! Enjoy the full chapter at Come And Take Him In!

John tried his best. He really did.

But both of the other boys were bigger than he and one of them had a cudgel. None of that kept John from fighting like a demon for his three pennies, of course. It had taken him all day to earn those precious coins; hours of picking up dog shite and then selling the bagful to one of the tanneries. The money was meant to buy some bread for his family.

Mam had scrounged up some tater scraps and even two carrot tops from somewhere and was planning to make soup, so she had told him to be sure to get a day-old loaf of bread to go with the broth. He had actually been on his way to see the baker, old DeFoy, at his shop just behind the pawn broker’s place when the attack came.

The feet and fists and cudgel used so effectively by the boys made bruises that John knew would hurt like the very devil by tomorrow morning, but he also knew that his father would do worse when he arrived home empty-handed. Unless he struck luckily and the old man had already passed out from the gin. His mam would not beat him, but instead only look at him with too-familiar disappointment on her pale, gaunt face. He sometimes thought that her constant disappointment was worse than the beatings because he did try so very hard.

Harry would no doubt mock him as usual; just because he, at nine, was a year older than John, as well as a little bit taller, he liked to lord it over him. His bent and useless leg did not keep him from the taunting, but there was little retribution, as John did not think it right to hit a cripple.

When he was alone again in the alley, John used the sleeve of his filthy shirt to wipe the blood from his face, deciding that there was nothing for it except to go home.

As always, once you’ve read this chapter leave a comment, mydogwatson would love to hear from you!

Meet mydogwatson, along with other talented writers during The Game Is Never Over this November! A Sherlock convention for the fans, by the fans!

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