The Woman


Alexie Star Cosplay strikes a pose with Holmes in his bearskin cap!

Like many of us, Alexie is a huge fan of Sherlock! One of her favorite characters, is Irene Adler. She now shares with us how and when her costume first came together!


Sherlock Fans: So I’ve seen your cosplay page, and I’m very impressed with your selection of costumes. Your dresses are amazing! So in saying that, what inspired you to do Irene Adler?

Alexie: As for Irene, I was sitting at work talking with my friends who also do cosplay. We were just having lunch and chatting, when my friend Dana came up and mentioned that his next cosplay was going to be Sherlock. I was so excited, I almost fell out of my chair. I knew I had to get in on it, because I absolutely LOVE the show. I originally thought I would do Molly, but then my friend Chris leaned over and said, “you should do The Woman”. I thought, Ooooo! Yes! She is fantastic! I love her look and her character. She is strong, sassy and sexy with a little bit of buried vulnerability. I would love to tackle that! When my friend Dana rejoined the table, I told him that I could do Molly or what Chris had suggested and do The Woman. He said I would be perfect as Irene. So that solidified it for me. I would take Irene on and make, in my opinion, the most interesting dress she had and one where the scene had the most emotional content. Hence, the black negotiation dress.


Sherlock Fans: The black dress is one of my favorites too! I also favor the white dress. I’ve seen your photos of Sherlock and Irene, simply amazing shots! In your opinion what attracts the two character to each other? Is it an intellectual interest only or is something more? If the series continues, do you think she’ll return?

Alexie: I think Sherlock is attracted to her because of her intellect. She is a rare breed. She is able to hold her own against him and his brother. She is the one who beat him and she holds a special place in his heart for that. As for Irene, I think it is a little of both. She is attracted to his intelligence and having a formidable opponent to play the game with. And his mind is attractive to her. He is the one person who won’t submit to her and that makes him even more attractive. The chase is the fun part for her, and with him it is very near never ending. This manifests a sexual attraction for her to Sherlock. The jury is still out on if this is the same for Sherlock. 🙂

As for her coming back, we have already seen her pop up in his mind once since Scandal. If she does come back, I think it will be in a similar capacity or a quick pop in. It depends on how good of a plot device she can be for Steven and Mark.


Sherlock Fans: If you could do another Sherlock costume or I should I say character, who would it be? After playing Irene, would you consider a Molly? And have you ever considered costuming as a male character?

Alexie: I think that I could cosplay Molly after Irene, but it would have to be a very interesting costume. I have thought of creating another costume from the series, which is Mary’s Pant outfit from The Abominable Bride. Victorian really speaks to me in general, but I liked that it was so well tailored for her on the top but showed her independence and her push against society by wearing pants.

I have long thought about Cosplaying as Sherlock as he is seriously my spirit animal. I have cosplayed as a male character before (Dr. Franknfurter) but not one with so little make up. I find that it is far easier to change my face shape with makeup to match the characters better but when they are supposed to have a natural, no make up look, it is very hard to achieve and a bit out of my current make-up abilities. I am also naturally the height of John Watson, so I would be a mini Sherlock for sure! Maybe one day, but for now, I will be playing with my girl characters.


Sherlock Fans: I have to admit.. I’m in love with Mary’s pant outfit! Before my Bearskin Sherlock, I had considered that outfit too. Mary’s very independent. Just like Irene, she’s a strong woman. Aside from Sherlock do you have any other favorites? Costuming wise that is..

Alexie: Ah,Yes! Just last year I finished my Sarah Williams Ball Gown/ Peach Dream dress and I absolutely adore it! I really learned a lot from making it and it is so much fun playing off of my Cosplay Partner, Dana Elliott or Elliott’s Cosplay as Jareth. You may recognize him as my Sherlock as well.


Sherlock Fans: Which outfit took the longest to making? I’m guessing it might be Sarah’s.

Alexie: Sarah is very close. But I would have to say that my Cinderella 2015 took the longest, since I had to hand rhinestone the fabric. 6,768 stones where hand placed on the dress. And if I could, I would place more. Lol!


Sherlock Fans: Now that’s dedication! Do you hand make all of these costumes yourself? How many costumes do you have?

Alexie: Thank you! Yes, I hand make most all of my costumes (aside from some of my rocky costumes where I purchased and modified the corsets, since it is cheaper). I am not entirely sure how many costumes I have. But it may be around 20. I try to add about 2 costumes a year if I can. Most of them are cosplay but some are for performance.


Sherlock Fans: When you say performance, are you in theater?

Alexie: I am an improvisational actor as well as a underwater mermaid performer. Out side of work of course.

Sherlock Fans: Nice! See I’m just a geek. I’ve never done anything as cool as that!

Alexie: Awwww! We all have that geek in us. I just like to perform as well. It is fun but not really something that you can live off of as an independent. It is more supplemental than anything. It helps support my costuming habit. LOL



A Big thanks to Alexie Star Cosplay for speaking with us and sharing some amazing photos! Hope to see you Alexie at upcoming conventions!





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