Postcards, and The Game Is Never Over!

A Retro Blog on mydogwatson, as she joins the guest list at The Game Is Never Over!

Honoring one of my favorite writers, my friend Teri aka mydogwatson! She’s been working on a new collection of Postcard Tales… And I had to share! Her stories are simply brilliant and she’s by far one of my favorite writers! Enjoy her latest collection, and we love you mydogwatson! The photo above from the making of Sherlock.

Fallen Star by 

A little sad musing from a drug house.


Jumpers by 

Sherlock takes a road less traveled and meets a man on a bridge.


Early One Morning by 

Sherlock and John face the early morning apart and together. Together is better.


Crossing The Water by 

John Watson, late of Her Majesty’s Indian Army, sees an intriguing stranger on the other side of a lake.


Anyone Can Cook by 

Alone and depressed in London, John Watson finds himself in a class called The Romance of French Pastry.


The Lost Boy by 

John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes.



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