The Smart One!


I’ve known Sleeping Frog for several years now, and no other fan has impressed me as much as she has when it comes to Mycroft Holmes. Her costuming the character has not only impressed fans, but Mark Gatiss himself! It’s an honor to now spotlight and interview this talented friend!


Sherlock Fans USA: I remember sometime ago, Mark Gatiss mentioned your Mycroft on his twitter account. He was impressed with your costume, and rightly so, it’s an amazing costume! But what originally inspired it? Can you share with us, how the costume originally came about and when?

Sleeping Frog: You are probably talking about this Tweet:
Originally, it started out as a joke when friends and I were thinking about doing a Sherlock Cosplay group back in 2011 or 2012. When the others said that Mycroft would fit to me, I found myself stuck to the idea of cosplaying Mycroft and in 2014, I finally finished my first Version of him.



Sherlock Fans USA: How and when were you first introduced to the BBC series?

Sleeping Frog: A friend of mine introduced me to the show back in 2011. I was skeptical about it since I couldn’t get my head around the idea about Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in the 21st century and being a good show with it but I was hooked after the first Episode.



Sherlock Fans USA: What’s the attraction to Mycroft Holmes? Was it love at first sight for you?

Sleeping Frog: Actually, I haven’t looked at Mycroft Holmes first when I was introduced to Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes but the more I got into it and especially BBC Sherlock, the more interesting the big brother became to me. Now he is my favorite character in the Sherlock Holmes Universe and one of my favorite literary characters in general.


Sherlock Fans USA: When taking on the role of Mycroft Holmes, what’s the most important thing you feel you bring to this character?

Sleeping Frog: I guess it might be my love to detail and character and that I try to perform him as accurate as possible.

Sherlock Fans USA: What are your thoughts on Mark Gatiss and his portrayal of the character?

Sleeping Frog: He is brilliant. I have seen many different Mycroft Holmes portrayals like Stephen Fry, Christopher Lee or Charles Gray to name a few but Gatiss is giving the Character some more depth. Especially since Mycroft is a permanent character in the BBC Version and not just a figure on the side who appears only once or twice.


Sherlock Fans USA: For those that would like to design a Mycroft Holmes costume, what do you recommend? Are there any helpful sites?

Sleeping Frog: I recommend to look at the character and at least try to get the aesthetic right. He wouldn’t wear clothes what do not match. Keep in mind hat this man is rich, a gentleman and has slight OCD (according to Sherlock in Season Three).
If I have helpful sites, actually no I don’t. I assembled my informations mostly from screenshots or behind the scenes photos I have found on Tumblr or just with a simple google image search and of course by watching Mycrofts scenes extra closely to soak in the character and spot details.


Sherlock Fans USA: I know you also have a cosplay page.. You’ve had some brilliant photos taken in the past. Can you share a link with the fans and some of your favorite photos?

Sleeping Frog: Thank you. I would love to share them.
My Facebook page is:
I am als on Instagram:
and I am having a blog what is not as regularly as I would love to but I am working on it


A big thanks to Sleeping Frog for sharing her personal thoughts and memories, along with so many wonderful photos!

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