An East Wind Is Coming!


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing a talented fan [Little Boffin]! She shares her Sherlocked experiences as Eurus Holmes, along with some of her amazing videos and cosplay! Photo above by 221bdisney!

Before starting that interview though, one of her amazing videos! 

Whose Side Are You On?


Littleboffin posed with Bravoalmara

Sherlock Fans USA: Let’s start with Eurus and Sherlocked. I take it Sherlocked wasn’t your first convention? I say that because you seem very professional. You have a theatrical style. To not only look the part, but to be that character.

Little Boffin: And yes! I went to Sherlocked last year! It was certainly busier in 2017, I think mostly because Andrew Scott was there, hah, but I did go alone and wandered around in Eurus and looked like a loon. I think people were scared to even approach me. Creepy girl in white all by herself — eh, lets stay away. But I definitely had so much more fun this year. It was a blast and I honestly miss it so so much. Major sherlocked con withdrawals! 😭

And wow thank you so much for the compliment!!! 😭❤️


image3Little Boffin with Angelsandassbutts

Sherlock Fans USA: I’m positive we met last year, I’ll have to dig out my photos, but I had interlaced my fingers with a Eurus last year, while wearing my Bearskin Sherlock. It’s an amazing costume! And you’re welcome on kind words.

I think we’re all coming down from that Sherlocked high.. Do you have a favorite moment from the convention? Was Eurus your first pick in costumes? Did Sean see your costume? If so what was her reaction? You don’t have to answers those all at once, you can space those out, and I’ll have more tomorrow! Brilliant pictures as always, loved that recent one!

Little Boffin: Ahhhh! Yes ! Who knows, that actually may have been me! 

My favorite moment from con was probably the entire thing? Hah! But one of the best moments or highlights was probably dancing our cosplay butts off at the parties both Friday and Saturday. It was absolutely hilarious dancing alongside Sherlock, Molly and Moriarty, (my friends @bravoalmara @blueandgreenhearts and @angelsandassbutts):D and even funnier when their signature songs came on. Watching Sherlock and Moriarty have a sexy dance off to Stayin Alive has now been crossed off the bucket list! 

But truly the entire con was so wonderful and I will always hold it dear. This was the first time I got to go to a convention alongside a really good friend, and it was the first time I left a con with even more friends. So, I’m so so grateful for that.

Eurus was my first pick, yep! I’ve also cosplayed Sherlock, Molly, Irene and Sebastian Moran but I feel most confident in my Eurus cosplay. 🙂 Plus, I really really enjoyed series four and I thought Sian was absolutely amazing in her role. I find it so much fun to cosplay a baddie (one of the reasons I’m obsessed with cosplaying Loki, hah!) and Eurus is so clever and eerie and it’s so fun to act like a total maniac sometimes! I also brought along Irene to the convention because she’s a such a powerful woman and so empowering to cosplay. I may also have a slight crush on her character. Oops.

Sian did see my cosplay! Ah! When we attended one of the talks, she and Lousie were taking questions so I had to take advantage of the opportunity! I managed to get chosen to ask her a question and so i stood up in my cosplay and said hello and told her that I was, obviously, a little obsessed with Eurus Holmes, and then I asked what her favorite scene to play was. She stared at me for a while as I spoke, in some sort of state of surprise and I heard Loo say a happy, “Oh look!” as I faced them both. It was surreal and I felt so lucky I even had the opportunity. I also made sure to purchase a photo op with her and I was soooo nervous to step up to her looking like I did but she looked at me and smiled and yelled loudly, “Fantastic!” We took a picture, me pointing at her in shock and her looking unamused by the fact that there were two Eurus’, and then she patted my shoulder and I went on my way. It was incredible. I’ll never ever forget it!

image4Mollrene with my girlfriend @Jazzybachelor
Next three photos by @221bdisney



Sherlock Fans USA: You’ve had some amazing memories! I’ve watched some of those videos from Sherlocked, you designed those videos right? Have you been designing videos for long? What inspired this incredible talent?

Little Boffin: Oh my goodness, I don’t think it’s an incredible talent, aha! But yes, I’ve been editing and creating videos since I was very young and first got a somewhat good video camera! It’s just so much fun to act and mess around and create things. Acting is a dream of mine and film-making sort of inspired that and helps to further inspire me. 🙂 I started a YouTube channel a while back but now that I’ve gotten quite dedicated to it, I’ve managed to collect a growing number of subscribers and it’s a great feeling!

image7Mormor with angelsandassbutts!


At this point, I did find that photo of us together, from the 2017 event.


Sherlock Fans USA: A twisted sister from 2017 🙂 This was the photo I was talking about.

Little Boffin: That’s meeee!!!! Wooohooo!!

Sherlock Fans: I’m gonna knock it back into Sherlock, and ask about your favorite ship, and do you collect? Did you buy anything cool during Sherlocked?

Little Boffin: I definitely am a shipper, haha. Always Johnlock. For sure, number one. I’ll never stop obsessing over Johnlock — it’s honestly a problem. But I also adore Mormor, Moriarty and Moran, and Mollrene, which my girlfriend and I cosplay often.

And yes! I have basically a shrine in my room for the show. Anything Sherlock related that I see, I snatch up in an instant! I did get some awesome stuff at Sherlocked. I got a Eurus painting from an artist there and some red pants for my girlfriend’s John cosplay, hah! I also got a glass with Sherlocked Convention across it and a few gifts for my friend that wasn’t able to make it. ❤

image8The Sherlocked Crew!!!

Sherlock Fans: So I’ll move onto that next question, and I think the last question in this amazing interview. If there’s one thing you could have done at Sherlocked, but hadn’t gotten a chance to do, what would it have been?

Little Boffin: Oh gosh, that’s such a hard question. Ah! Oh, I wish I had signed up for a set picture and taken one with Vee and Taylor (bravo and assbutts haha) so we could lounge out across 221b as Sherlock, Jim, and Irene. That would have been priceless. I also wish I could’ve put together a John or Lestrade cosplay for one of the days because there were hardly any there. And I would’ve partied harder Friday night, though I had been up since four so I’ll cut myself some slack, haha!

In closing I can’t thank Little Boffin enough, for such amazing memories! Now enjoy the videos and photos of an amazing and talented fan!

image10Little Boffin and 221bdisney as Sister and Brother.


Little Boffin taking it Beyond Baker Street, photos by 221bdisney! Photos include Angelsandassbutts & 221bdisney!









Little Boffin Video Collection!


Butterfly — Johnlock


Johnlocked Q&A


[Sherlocked 2018] Friday!


[Sherlocked 2018] Saturday!


[Sherlocked 2018] Saturday!


Swish Swish video designed during Sherlocked 2018!

 Littleboffin designed this video during Sherlocked 2018! Those included, aside from Boffin: Sherlock – @Bravoalmara, Moriarty – @Angelsandassbutts, Mary – @Lanavsspoils, and Molly – @Blueandgreenhearts

Again Big Thanks to a talented fan for sharing her thoughts, photos and videos!



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