Our Favorite Cosplay


Honoring our favorite fans and their cosplay!  Enjoy and please follow all of these fans, their amazing! The photo above is yours truly dressed up as Mrs. Hudson, with a some of the Sherlock cast and crew members! [For you cosplay fans this is a must follow on Instagram: 221bDisney!]


Coslocked is a must follow team! You can find this duo on Facebook, TwitterTumblr and on Instagram!


This Blogger, joining the two for a fun shot!


Find these talented fans on Instagram: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, and Molly – @blueandgreenhearts More on this amazing group below!


Baker Street Regulars! Follow these two talented fans on Facebook and on Instagram (@bakerstreetregulars)! An interview we had with this amazing pair: BECOMING HOLMES & WATSON


Alexie Star Cosplay as Irene, can be found of Facebook, and on Instagram! Elliott’s Cosplay is the Holmes in this photo, follow Elliott on Facebook! A fun moment with Alexie Star Cosplay: THE WOMAN


Molly aka blueandgreenhearts can be found on Instagram! She’s also designed an Irene! Enjoy this fun Spotlight with blueandgreenhearts: A LOVABLE MOLLY: SHERLOCKED 2018




Sleeping Frog, makes a brilliant Mycroft! You can follow her on Facebook and on Instagram! An Interview we had with Sleeping Frog: THE SMART ONE




Bittersuites Cosplay you can follow on Facebook & Instagram! Here’s an amazing spotlight we had with Bittersuites: THE WOMAN WHO BEAT YOU


Such a beautiful pair as Sherlock and John too! Felix as Sherlock Holmes and Essie as John Watson.


Bravo as Sherlock, above, can be found on Facebook and on Instagram! Moriarty aka angelsandassbutts, can also be found on Instagram! Below Bravo dressed up as Irene, with yours truly as Sherlock during Sherlocked 2018! A recent Spotlight with Bravo: A FLATTERING HOLMES




Littleboffin makes a brilliant Eurus Holmes, but also Irene! But also an amazing Irene! Littleboffin can be found on Instagram and below you’ll find her YouTube channel as well! Boffin above with angelsandassbutts, during Sherlocked 2018! An interview I recently had with Littleboffin: AN EAST WIND IS COMING


Littleboffin with her girlfriend, Jazzybachelor dressed as Molly! Jazzybachelor can also be found on Instagram!


Mad’s Cosplay makes an incredible James! Follow Mad’s on Instagram! Below is a photo of Mad’s from the Study in Pink Party at Sherlocked 2018!

Madspink copy

It’s always been the Fans that make this site so great! More Fan Spotlights & links added soon!


This brilliant photo includes: das-Diddy as John H. Watson, HelloDarkside as Irene Adler, NaokoSato as Mrs. Hudson, MizuFuunakami as Anthea, the–Draco as Mycroft Holmes, GenesisRhapsodos as Jim Moriarty and Sakiko-Seihikaru as Sherlock Holmes.

Must watch videos!



Thranduils Eyebrows:


Marié Holmes:


Nobody Plays:


Rhyme Lawliet:




The Hillywood Show:


Taking it Beyond Baker Street briefly to honor a convention this Editor is hosting! This will be our seventh year, come join us in the fun!

To Learn More Check Out Our Event Page: Retro Con 2018!



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