Most know I’ve been extremely slow of late, setting things up for the Keystone Comic Con fan table next month, and for my own convention Retro Con in October. So until I can really post a newer blog later this week.. I’m sharing some of my favorite interviews and spotlights! Today I share a personal favorite, an interview I had with mydogwatson!


So I’ve done Blogs on collecting, art and cosplay! But I’ve done nothing on my favorite part of the Sherlock verse yet, and that’s the fan-fiction! I love reading fan stories! My favorite stories, all come from a stack of Postcards! These Postcards are stories of John and Sherlock, posted by my friend mydogwatson! She’s a brilliant! Why are they called Postcards? I’ll let mydogwatson tell you and then I’ll share some of her favorites!

– – –

Sherlock Fans: How long have you been writing Sherlock stories, and when were you first introduced to the series?

mydogwatson: I wrote a few Sherlock Holmes stories years ago, just for myself. With this show, I started writing between season one and season two. I watched the first episode the night it aired in the USA and was in love immediately.

Sherlock Fans: So you were a fan from the beginning?! I’ve read many of your stories, and I know the one’s I’ve read are geared towards a romance between Sherlock and John. Are most of your stories drawn towards that romance, or was it a slow build up towards a relationship? Many of your stories are like that I know.. It’s a friendship that grows into something more.

mydogwatson: I was a fan of the show five minutes in. Of Sherlock Holmes himself, I have been a fan since I was ten, sixty years ago. Once I was old enough to understand such things, I always saw it as a romance, so the show was that from the beginning for me and every one of my stories reflects that. They are either romance or pre-romance.

Sherlock Fans: Nice! You’ll laugh, but my first introduction to Sherlock Holmes was through a Ghostbusters cartoon and the Great Mouse Detective.

mydogwatson: Hey, there are many paths to Paradise.

Sherlock Fans: Are all the stories you’ve published online geared towards the BBC series? I love your Postcards by the way.. When did you start writing those?

mydogwatson: Yes, they are all geared that way. The Victorian ones I have posted are based on the TAB universe. The first Postcard Tales were in 2015, then there was another set in 2016′ and the one I just finished. They are fun to do, so I hope to do another series during my October trip.

Sherlock Fans: So tell me the story behind these Postcard stories. Are they titled that because of their length?

mydogwatson: No, not the length. They started when I bought a box of postcards based on vintage book covers from Penguin Press. I took a pile with me on my 2015 trip to London and everyday of the trip I would blindly pick one and then write a story based on the title onto the card itself and mail it to myself. At home I polish and sometimes expand the Tales before posting. My Penguin collection is now exhausted, but in January I found another set from a different publisher and so hope to continue the series.

If you would like an example. Obviously this story was considerably expanded and changed from the scribbles on the Postcard.


Sherlock Fans: That’s such an amazing way of developing a story.. Many stories I should say! Do you have a favorite among these Postcards?

mydogwatson: I would have to go back and think…but there is such a variety that I would probably have several ‘favorites’. Ironically, I think at the top might be the one I just send you a picture of, Ariel, partly because it turned into an actual, rather long story.

Sherlock Fans: With so many great stories, do you have a favorite writer yourself?

mydogwatson: Oh, gosh…I have favorite stories… Saving Sherlock Holmes. Performance in a Leading Role. The Bang and the Clatter. Nature and Nurture. So many, really. There are some excellent writers in this fandom. I could keep listing favs all day, and I feel guilty for not listing so many stories that I love.

Sherlock Fans: List as many as you’d like! I’m sure they’d be honored. Have you read The Cure for Boredom? One of my personal favorites, aside from your Postcards.

mydogwatson: I must have read it, but I have read so many… I love so many. This is the first fandom where I read AUs. Sherlock and John work wherever they are,whatever they do. Northwest Passage works beautifully. Recently, Turn Left at the Park. Albion and the Woodsman. Must stop. You have no idea how many stories I have on my I-pad…

Sherlock Fans: Recently, Turn Left at the Park. Is a story? Now I need to check these out!

mydogwatson: Turn Left at the Park (which I read recently) by Glenmore. What if John had not gone into the park that day? And also by Glenmore, Albion and the Woodsman. John leaves the baby with Sherlock and goes walkabout the world. Both excellent.

Sherlock Fans: Now I’m really curious.. Does he still meet Sherlock. I mean if he didn’t go to the park?

mydogwatson: Oh, sure. Eventually. It is beautifully written, a real character study.

This became such a fun interview! But I know you’d love to read some of these amazing stories too! So in closing this I’ll add one more comment from mydogwatson: One of my best and favorite non Postcards is called Quartet: A Composition For Four Voices. And another I am very proud of is Preliminary Experience With a Specific Remedy In a Specific Syndrome of Human Insanity. One more, from my Music series called Haven’t Met You Yet, which came out just as I envisioned it.


Now on to some Postcards!

Brighton Rock: Could it even be called a friendship? John wasn’t sure. And then it is so much more.

Mantrap: A young Sherlock Holmes walks into a gay bar and meets a young John Watson about to leave for the army.

The Company She Keeps: Mrs Hudson decides the time has come for action. Or one Sherlock Holmes might end up in the boot of her car.

The Common Reader: John is a fan and wants an autograph from his favorite author. He gets more than that.

Ariel: Wounded soldier [and doctor] John Watson goes to Italy and meets a mad poet. Life is never the same.

Country Life: Everything happens at the kitchen table.

The Case of the Howling Dog: They are always going to meet. It might have happened this way.

The Big Sleep: Sherlock is a detective. One day a blond walks in.

England’s Green and Pleasant Land: During a train ride, Sherlock is surprisingly sentimental.

Hotel Splendide: Sherlock is on a case in a seafront town when he meets a most interesting man at afternoon tea.

The Case of the Curious Kitten: Sherlock is on a case and has no time for idiots. Or kittens.

Flames in the Sky: Two men meet on the roof of St. Barts.

The Drowned World: Sherlock’s life as a swimmer. Sort of.

Again big thanks to mydogwatson! More stories will be posted soon!


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