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Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party!


For those attending the Sherlocked convention in a May, I’ve been promising some fun! What I’m planning, is a a little gathering Thursday evening, before the main convention begins. My thoughts are to gather around Marriott LAX pool. I’ll work on having Sherlock theme music playing! Possibly order a Sherlock cake, I’m looking into designs and ideas now! Have a ribbon swap! And just enjoy each other’s company, before the main convention begins! Costumes are welcome, because I’ll be wearing my Mrs. Hudson costume! I haven’t set a starting time yet, but I’m thinking around 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm at the latest. Would love to hear your ideas, comment below, or contact at me! [Above is one of my favorite shots from the U.K. Events, some of us fans with many of the cast members!]

Keep in mind this is a fan gathering, it’s nothing official! 

The pool at the Marriott LAX

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I was Sherlocked in London!



I was Sherlocked in London, or so I was most of last week! I flew overseas for the first time last Tuesday, my reason and inspiration? To attended the Sherlocked convention, to see London (with what time I had to see London), and to attend Martin Freeman’s play (Labour of Love)! My three expectations? Number One: To enjoy an amazing convention! Number Two: To see as many screen used Sherlock locations as possible! Only got to see a few.. But I did visit Speedy’s twice, the Sherlock museum, loved The Tube and the black cabbies constantly reminded me of John and Sherlock racing on new adventure! I also got to see The Landmark on my last evening, so exciting! Number Three: To Enjoy Martin Freeman on stage and possibly meet him! I was not disappointed!

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