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Greetings fellow Sherlock fans…

It looks like things are only getting worse when it comes to planning a fan gathering/event in November. So I’m canceling this November gathering. Hopefully next year we can start planning again. Those that live local to Philadelphia PA, I’ll be planning BBC meetups. I’ve already got a few places in mind near King of Prussia where we can have fan days. For those that live further away, I would like to look into a London group event again, once things are back to normal again that is.

I think in the future I would also like to see BBC fans set up at events, like 221B Con. Maybe even host some panels at future events like we did at London Comic-Con, or maybe a fan party? For most of us, it’s just celebrating a show we love! For those I owe refunds, I will be contacting all of you personally, it just may take me a few days.

I also plan to start selling the goodies I was going to sell at our event. I have a bunch of double-sided movie posters which include: The Imitation Game, The Hobbit, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor, etc… I have a list ūüôā I’m also selling a bunch of Sherlock Pop Figures. Looking for something, contact me.

Anything I had listed for charity will be saved for future fan gatherings and events.

Again stay safe, and I hope to see all of you again soon. -Rose AKA Blogger

Sherlock Celebration Update…

Greetings, fellow Sherlock fans.

Aside from working full time and starting an online business, explaining my delay in posting. I wanted to give you a Sherlock Celebration Update.

The hotel informed me last week that I’m allowed to have no more than 25 in attendance and that’s including hotel staff. That count may change by November, I’m hoping it will. Right now I’m considering a smaller meetup. Would love to hear your thoughts!

For those that would like a refund, let me know. For those still planning to meet up this November. I’m now considering a group road trip around Philly.

In the future, after things are a tad bit normal, I would love to find a way for local Sherlock fans to meet up for monthly or bi-monthly gatherings.  Something similar to a London trip 20 of us planned a few years back.

-Rose (Blogger)

On Sherlock Fans USA and I hope to be more active on Instagram too! More importantly, get back to reading some fanfiction!

So Strong, So Certain, So Lost!

There are hints of a future in the military, as John Watson now proudly wears a uniform. Sherlock struggles with the fact he may have to leave home, just as Mycroft had. And Mycroft Holmes is surrounded by Goldfish in this next chapter of Memento Vivere! Amazing art by ermitanyongpalits on DeviantArt!

As always we share a teaser…

He was so proud of his uniform.

Every night, he brushed down the coat and polished the brass buttons until they gleamed. His job at the telegraph office meant that he was able to buy bread every day and maybe even a bit of beef occasionally. Mum would smile and pat his head when he came home with fresh bread and a small cut of meat.

Harry would always speak up, bragging about how he was now decorating hats rather than just cutting felt. John did not envy him that job, however. It meant spending twelve hours every day but Sunday, bent over the worktable in a crowded room with dim lighting. In addition, Harry had to put up with their father‚Äôs constant jibes about the kind of boy who spent his life ‚Äėsticking fucking shiny bits and feathers on hats‚Äô.

The old man himself was most often too insensible with the gin to work many days in a week. Mam still went out to do laundry for several families, which helped a bit. All in all, things were somewhat better than they had been,

John was miserable.

Oh, he did not mind the job; in fact, he enjoyed being able to run all over London. Liked ringing the bells at the doors of grand houses in Mayfair and chatting with the young maids who sometimes opened those doors and who were clearly impressed by his uniform. They batted their eyes at him and giggled. Of course, he enjoyed the salary, small as it was and the occasional extra pence or two a stone-faced butler would sometimes give him. And he was not picking up dog shite all day.

So all of that was good.

The full story can be read at¬†So Strong, So Certain, So Lost! After you’ve read the story, leave a comment,¬†mydogwatson¬†would love to hear from you!


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Purchase tickets at Sherlock Reenactment Dinner and remember it’s pre-registrants only. Think Sign Of Three when joining this dinner, dress for a wedding!

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We NOW have a Facebook EVENT page!

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For those fans following THE GAME IS NEVER OVER here’s a convention update! We’re planning a fun weekend and we hope to see you there! 

One of the items that’ll be on display is this Sign Of Three wedding collection.
  • Archive Of Our Own (A03) Bulletin Board¬†(Sharing stories and fan projects).
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Art Contest
  • Charity Auction
  • Cluedo Tournaments
  • Convention Props¬†(for photos ops).
  • Costume Contest
  • David Nellist Acting Workshop¬†(limited seating).
  • Fan and actor panels.
  • Karaoke/Dance Party (for preregistered fans only) Friday night.¬†(Join us in celebrating 10 years of Sherlock).
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Reenactment Dinner¬†(paid separately and limited seating).
  • Ribbon Trading! (We recommend Ribbons Galore, this¬†FLAT¬†ribbon is the most popular).
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Screening of Sherlock episodes.
  • Screen used props on display¬†(a modest collection).
  • Special Guest
  • Special screening of The Abominable Bride¬†(with a David Nellist intro).
  • The Great Game Pool Party.¬†(Thursday evening before the convention officially begins).
  • Trivia Contest
Personal ribbons our convention organizer designed .

Sherlock’s Golden YouTube Award

Would you like to submit a video? Contact us and share it!

Nominate and vote on your favorite YouTube videos, the Top Ten will be shown during the event! One will be chosen as the Best and receive the Sherlock Golden YouTube Award! [These MUST be Fan Made!]

Purchase your TICKETS before the next online contest begins!

221B Karaoke


Amazing art by

Preregistered fans will join us for a fun night of Karaoke as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sherlock! Songs we plan to include: I Want to Break Free by Queen, Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees, and December 1963 by The Four Seasons. Hobbit songs including Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold. Marvel-verse songs: Shoot to Thrill (Ironman), Shining Star (Doctor Strange), and the Immigrant song (Thor). More songs to be selected!

More songs to be selected! Our karaoke DJ is Megan Schihl, a long-time Sherlock fan! Note we are taking it Beyond Baker Street, with some of these songs! -Rose AKA Blogger

Learn more at


The Game Is Never Over [Preregistration & Dealers]

It’s still over a year away… But it never hurts to plan in advance!

Date: November 21st & 22nd, 2020

Location: Oaks, PA [30 minutes drive from

Preregistration Details: Weekend Pass ($70.00) Includes early access to the dealer’s room, all panels, a convention exclusive badge, and one ticket to the 10-year anniversary party of Sherlock! [The first 100 fans to preregister, will also receive an exclusive pin set!] Contact me personally for a Preregistration form at

-Children under 10 free!

Dealers: Interested in being a dealer? The tables are $120.00 apiece. More than one? Ask me about it, at

Learn more at The Game Is Never Over! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook! Share your thoughts on our Facebook group page!

Convention Hotel


Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks, 500 Cresson Blvd, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Hotel block to be posted soon!

[Disclaimer: We call ourselves unofficial because we are… We‚Äôre very professional though, and our organizer is a veteran at hosting events. We are not in conjunction with the Sherlocked event, although we do adore Show Masters, and totally support all of their events! Hartswood Films owns Sherlock, and they‚Äôve been very supportive of all of our projects, and we continue to stay in touch!]

The Game Is Never Over, is in conjunction with Sherlock Fans USA,  Sherlock Fans Over Thirty, 221bCon, and Retro Con!


Sherlock’s Golden YouTube Award! 

Nominate and vote on your favorite Youtube videos, the Top Ten will be shown during the event! One will be chosen as the Best and receive the Sherlock Golden Youtube Award! [These MUST be Fan Made!]

Above video image from Swish Swish, a littleboffin video! [Song – Swish Swish by Katy Perry.]

Those fans involved in making this video include: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, Molly – @blueandgreenhearts

[This is also our first nominated video for The Game Is Never Over next year!] Message us, and start voting on your personal favorites today!

Full video of Swish Swish below!

The Game Is Never Over, is in conjunction with 221bCon, as we help promote each other. Sherlock Fans USA, Retro Con, and Sherlock Fans Over Thirty!

[Disclaimer: We call ourselves unofficial because we are. We’re very professional though, and our organizer is a veteran at hosting events. We are not in conjunction with the Sherlocked event, although we do adore Showmasters, and totally support all of their events! Hartswood Films owns Sherlock, and they’ve been very supportive of all of our projects, and we continue to stay in touch.]

In The Silence Between

It’s the tale of Sherlock’s life, beautifully told, while including his violin! My friend mydogwatson does it once again, she never disappoints!

As always we have a teaser…

John Watson was also a man who had dreadful nightmares. 

The first few times it happened, Sherlock was at a total loss as to what he should do. A proud man like John Watson would hardly want to be seen in such a situation. But at the same time, it did not seem right to just ignore the sounds coming from the upstairs bedroom. The tortured moans. The whimpers. The banging of a fist against the wall.

It had taken an embarrassingly long time for Sherlock to have an idea about how to help, although once he did, it seemed painfully obvious. He picked up his violin and briefly thought about what to play. Something Grandmama had once said came back to him.

‚ÄúThe most comforting and peaceful music ever composed, my lovely boy, isVenus The Bringer of Peace.¬†Its exquisite tranquillity has the power to soothe my soul.‚ÄĚ

Sherlock was not concerned at all by the matter of souls, but if there was anyone who deserved exquisite tranquillity, it was John Watson. So on nightmare nights, it was always the Holst that he played.

Sometimes when he played, it would just go quiet upstairs and he assumed that John had fallen back to sleep. Other nights John would get out of bed and pad barefooted into the sitting room, curl up in his chair and just listen to the music.

They never talked about it.

Sherlock liked to think that they didn’t need words. That the music was enough.

Enjoy the full story In The Silence Between and please share your thoughts on this amazing story, afterward!

Updates on our Sherlock USA event! We now have a page dedicated to the convention, and fans can now Preregister! Dealers can also purchase tables! Have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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