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Our Favorite Cosplay


Honoring our favorite fans and their cosplay!  Enjoy and please follow all of these fans, their amazing! The photo above is yours truly dressed up as Mrs. Hudson, with a some of the Sherlock cast and crew members! [For you cosplay fans this is a must follow on Instagram: 221bDisney!]


Coslocked is a must follow team! You can find this duo on Facebook, TwitterTumblr and on Instagram!


This Blogger, joining the two for a fun shot!


Find these talented fans on Instagram: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, and Molly – @blueandgreenhearts More on this amazing group below!

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The Balcony

An Army Doctor feels he’s reached the end of his road, that he has nothing else to live for.. Far from it, as Mrs. Holmes will prove! Another brilliant story by mydogwatson! Here’s a teaser, as always and for the full story click the link below!

“You walked like a soldier, despite the psychosomatic limp and the dreadful government-issued stick. Your eyes surveyed the room with the expertise of a man used to walking into dangerous situations. Your tie-pin is the Rod of Asclepius, clearly a sentimental choice as that tie does not deserve to be ornamented. So clearly you were a military doctor and given the trauma, you have seen action.”

John realised that being impressed by the words was really superfluous by this point.

The Balcony


Sherlock Fans USA: Charity T-Shirts!

Because we love charities and I think this would be a fun way to promote our group, I’ve designed Three shirts! The deadline for buying these t-shirts is July first, they’ll be made shortly after and shipped July 10th! Each t-shirt goes towards a special charity, so let’s also raise some money!!


The first t-shirt design will have this on the front of it, and it Honor’s Redbeard! The money will go towards Cat Angel Network, a shelter for animals with special needs. If you’d like to have you’re lettering on the front instead of the back, here’s another designed offered: For Redbeard


Each t-shirt will have the same lettering on the back of it.

download (1)

The second t-shirt design, SHERLOCK’S KIDS will go towards Mending Kids a nonprofit organization, that helps family and kids in need of medical care! 



The third and final t-shirt Honor’s our favorite Land Lady, MRS HUDSON! The money goes towards The Alzheimer’s Association. [This t-shirt is also in memory of a wonderful father, my dad, whom we lost last year, to this horrible disease]. 


Now purchase a great t-shirt, and help a great charity! We Sherlock fans plan to wear these to London next year too!

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Taking it Beyond Baker Street!

Must Watch Shows and Movies, starring our favorite talents!

Have you watched Patrick Melrose yet?



For those that haven’t watched it yet.. Safe is a must! Starring: Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abbington and Marc Warren!



Martin Freeman brilliant as always in Cargo!






Meeting Martin Freeman!

It’s taken awhile.. But I now share what I call my first Sherlock USA Fans discussion / podcast! This first one centers on Martin Freeman and a Labour of Love. My friend Mc Harris volunteered her time and memories on this! (Video was taken by yours truly as Martin stepped out to greet his fans, and yes I was the one that said.. “Oh my god.” A very exciting moment for this Sherlock/Hobbit fan!)

A Big thanks to my friends Teri (mydogwatson) and Bianca Mcfly (Sleeping Frog), for saving me a spot to meet Martin and for the photo, Bianca!


Labour of Love was a brilliant play! Lots of praise to the cast and crew! Photo from my London scrap book!

Playing Catch up!


I’ve been running like a mad person, my entire Christmas Break. Nothing unusually I know! Ten days off and it was mostly spent visiting friends and family. I guess in a way, you could say I needed some me time. For those that joined in our Andrew Scott contest, that ended today. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. We’ll have another contest soon I promise! Until then Happy New Years, and enjoy some of my favorite art! Art above by glasmond on deviantart!

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