Sherlock Fans USA


Digital art work by Tami Lapp!


Digital art by Visuasys

Although this site was originally geared towards the U.S. fandom, we’ve branched out into an international group! Sharing and Spotlighting: Fan Art! Fan Fiction! Costuming! Collectibles! Convention Updates! And So Much More!!

Check out our new page Beyond 221B! Spotlighting: Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Hannibal, The Marvel Movies and so much more!  

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Win an Andrew Scott Autograph!



The rules are simply..

Follow us on our Facebook fan group: Sherlock Fans USA!

Then write a post.. “I’m here to win Andrew!” Instantly you’ll be entered!

I’ll collect all the names January 3rd, then I’ll have a drawing and announce the winner the 4th of January! Good luck to all of you!

Also Like our pages at Sherlock Fans USA and Sherlock Fans Over Thirty!

Contest sponsored by Retro Con!

Follow us on Instagram @sherlockfansusa and @retroconz


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It’s the Fans that make this Site so memorable!  


Those included in this photo: das-Diddy as John H. Watson, HelloDarkside as Irene Adler, NaokoSato as Mrs. Hudson, MizuFuunakami as Anthea, the–Draco as Mycroft Holmes, GenesisRhapsodos as Jim Moriarty and Sakiko-Seihikaru as Sherlock Holmes.



“Sherlock and John are one” art by arashicat.



Sherlock & John by Olga Tereshenko



A tribute to Norman Rockwell’s.. Art by AlessiaPelonzi!

Tattoo Artist


Smaug also by AlessiaPelonzi!

If you have something you’d like to share, contact us on Facebook at or email our main editor at

More Photoshop art by Club Members!




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