Martin Freeman: Love Through Art



Honoring one of my favorite talents in Sherlock, the man whom portrayed a modern day John Watson! Martin Freeman’s Bio goes far beyond Sherlock of course, so this is just honoring a small sample of what he’s done! And for those that would like to see what he’s doing now, follow!

This first selection of art is by Amanda Tolleson!


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Martin Freeman’s Interview with Telegraph 


Art by Andy White!

This blogger’s personal thoughts on a recent interview, with Martin Freeman, that has gotten quite a fan reaction. As quoted on Martin ‘Being in Sherlock isn’t fun for me anymore’ was quite a misleading title. Telegraph chose that title as a way get a reaction out of people, and it did! A lot of tabloid sites have been playing off this title all weekend! But there’s so much more to that interview!

Martin talks about his roles in Black Panther, Sherlock, Fargo, Startup, personal things, his new TV series Breeders, being a mod, music etc.. For Martin’s full interview, if you have premium access to the Telegraph you can read it here. Otherwise, you can read it here from a tumblr post. [This last paragraph, with the links was also a quote from Martin, a brilliant site, if you haven’t checked it out yet!]

– –

Martin Freeman’s a very talented man, who I can say I’ve personally met! And when I did meet him, he was so sweet to the fans gathered around him! He loves his fans! As for his comments on Sherlock in his interview..

Things that happened after Sherlock Season Four, on Twitter and Tumbler haven’t gone unnoticed by the actors! I heard Mark Gatiss had to block fans over some harsh words, and Steven Moffat.. I can’t believe the way some fans have treated him! Moffat chatted with me during the last Sherlocked event, and I gave him nothing but encouraging words. He’s a brilliant writer, whom shouldn’t be treated with disrespect. 

The whole norbury and queerbaiting thing on Twitter.. all of us Sherlock fans witnessed that, most of us die hard fans were sickened by it, myself included. I love the Johnlock stories and fan art, but I would never attack these actors, writers or producers of the show, because I haven’t seen these two characters in a relationship. That’s not what they want for these characters, as Martin’s mentioned in his interview.

I’m very hopeful for a Season Five, even if it’s years from now, and I don’t need the show to place John and Sherlock in a relationship to enjoy it! It’s brilliant just as it is!

– –

So now I’ve shared my thoughts.. Always an adoring fan of Sherlock and the talented men and women involved with the show! 





Visions of Sugarplums


Watson suffers from a head cold, and is comforted by his Loving Detective! The cuddling and kissing continues in this brilliantly written December Ficlets, by mydogwatson. Art by maxkennedy on!

A teaser from Visions of Sugarplums..

Holmes gave me a fleeting smile. He glanced towards the open door and lowered his voice. “Perhaps it is all a part of my devious plot to remove you from your clothing,” he said.

I was surprised at the jesting remark, but when I looked into his eyes there was something darker, something heated, visible. My tongue ran across my lips, a nervous habit since childhood. But before I could reply, Mrs Hudson returned with our tea and soup.

You’ll find a continuation of this story at: Visions of Sugarplums! Also upon finishing that story, leave mydogwatson some comments! She’d love to hear from you!

My Friend Mister Sherlock Holmes!


Another amazing ficlet by mydogwatson! Intertwined and with physical contact, the relationship between the Detective and his Blogger heats up! Brilliantly written as always, I now share a teaser from My Friend Mister Sherlock Holmes! Art by ermitanyongpalits on deviantart.

In retrospect, it seems inevitable that the morning after our dinner at Simpson’s would go awry. Although since it could also have become an unmitigated disaster, leading no doubt to complete ruin for us both, I suppose simply ‘going awry’ might be considered a blessing.

We had awakened still entwined together on the divan, our limbs cramped and both of us a bit the worse for all the drink the previous night. Despite that, when I reluctantly opened my eyes it was to see Holmes watching me, an unexpected softness filling his gaze. Even given my aching joints, headache and cotton dry mouth, that obvious softness brought a smile to my lips.

One small portion of my mind, the logical part, insisted that the rational thing, [in light of recent events] was that we might be in need of a serious conversation. Since I am an eminently practical man, it seemed right that I be the one to open that conversation

You’ll find a continuation of the story at: My Friend Mister Sherlock Holmes! Also upon finishing that story, leave mydogwatson some comments! She’d love to hear from you!

A solution in the valley of loss.


Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty are dead, or so John Watson and Sebastian Moran believe. Heartbroken and lost without the two men they had separately trusted, these two ex-soldiers find each other, and find a new life together. Art by alessiapelonzi on deviantart.

[For you Watson and Moran shippers, this is a must read, and you won’t believe the ending!]

A teaser from The Dawning Light: A solution in the valley of loss.

If you had told me two weeks ago that I’d be drunkenly hugging the man my boss had me targeting while he “played” with the detective, I would have laughed in your face. Similarly, if you had told me two weeks ago that my boss was going to shoot himself in the head, I probably would have punched you in the face. James Moriarty was stronger than that. Smarter than that. And so to what end? Just to prove a point. Jim was a man-child, sure… but he was never weak, desperate, or stupid. That’s what that was. I don’t know if I’m even in grief. I’m just shocked and confused and, if I’m being honest with myself, a little lost. I was a colonel for the First Bangalore Pioneers, yes, but that was years ago. Since being employed by Moriarty, I’d become accustomed to taking care of him and following orders. It was like being institutionalized.

You’ll find a continuation of the story at: The Dawning Light: A solution in the valley of loss. A big thanks to raven_nevermore for sharing an amazing story!

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