Becoming Holmes & Watson

My first Cosplay Spotlight, with two talented fans I met at Sherlocked USA! Big thanks to both Adrian & Jen for this amazing interview! Follow these two on Facebook at Baker Street Regulars Cosplay or on Instagram (@bakerstreetregulars)!


Now onto that interview!

So I’ve seen your cosplay page, and I know you two have a strong love for Sherlock. But how were the two of you first introduced to the show? Was it love or first sight?

Adrian: I was actually introduced to the show by a friend I’d met at a local convention! My immediate thought was “Oh god, this has to be the wrong show. Is this some war documentary?” followed by “I can’t understand a word they are saying”. I knew literally nothing about Sherlock before watching it. All I knew was I thought the floating text was awesome, John Watson was attractive as hell, and I wanted to watch the second episode immediately.

Jen: Adrian, during a break between high school classes came runnning up to me exclaiming loudly about a detective show with “floating lines and words and lots of street lights and running”. I thought I sounded like a pretty cool anime, so I went and watched it. It was partly out of obligation because I had made them watch an anime called Fullmetal Alchemist beforehand. Love wasn’t the first thing on my mind. Rather, I noticed how distinct Ben and Martin’s noses were. I started out watching trailers where Mark and Steven were talking about John’s intelligence and Sherlock’s super intelligence and this was all new information to me. I’d never heard of John Watson. I’m not sure at what point exactly I fell in love, but I stayed up until 4AM on a school night to watch The Great Game, so…somewhere between the trailers and then.


What inspired you to dress up as the two main characters?

Jen: It was just a bad idea. Why did I chose /this/ for my cosplay, of all things? I had to pick Benedict Cumberbatch. I had to pick a six foot tall, British, man….all of which I am not. I don’t know.

Adrian: I had actually bullied Jen into going to a convention with me and it was right around the time we had both started the show. They seemed like fairly easy cosplays and we were the right heights. Plus John happened to be my favorite and Jen’s was Sherlock. It just made sense. Our first versions of them were AWFUL. We’ve improved so much after five years, to say the least. [feel free to attach pictures of then and now, I’ll send them to you 🙂]



Adrian posing as the Doctor John Watson!

I’ve seen some anime costumes on your page. Have you many costumes, and do you have favorites?

Adrian: I probably have ten or so different cosplays I’ve done over the past few years. My personal favorites are Honoka from Love Live and definitely John as well.

Jen: I think my favorite cosplays are actually the ones I’m about to do! My next two I’m working on, (Sheena from Tales of Symphonia and Djinn Equip Alibaba from Magi) are ones I’ve been REALLY looking forward to for a long time. If I had to pick one I’ve already done, it would definitely be Alibaba. He’s my boy.

When taking on the roles of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.. What’s the most important thing you feel you bring to your character?

Jen: The walk. I’m also deaf at conventions and can’t hear anyone and accidentally come across as being an asshole like Sherlock.

Adrian: My charming personality. And my height.



Jen posing as a suspicious Sherlock Holmes!

What are your thoughts on Cumberbatch and Freeman’s portrayal of the characters?

Adrian: They are my sons. I love how unique they are compared to other portrayals I’ve seen. There is so much more emotion and teenage drama in the BBC John and Sherlock than other renditions, in my opinion.

Jen: I appreciate the depth that Martin brings to John. I’m super proud of him for making him into a modern day intelligent man and not just a bumbling sidekick. I think John deserves to be shown as a brilliant man and am glad Martin is the one to do it. I think he is very apt at portraying John as independent and witty.
Ben’s alright.

Have you any YouTube videos of your characters in action?

Adrian: No, but we DO have our Facebook page (Baker Street Regulars Cosplay) and our Instagram (@bakerstreetregulars).



Adrian posing as John Watson during the Sherlocked convention!

For those that would like to design a Sherlock Holmes or John Watson costume, what do you recommend? Are there any helpful sites?

Jen: Wigsecret has wigs intended for every day use that are supposed to look like real hair. It helps with Martin and Ben’s hair to get that real look. Study the differences between male and female faces. Then figure how to turn a masculine face into Benedict Cumberbatch. All of the components of makeup matter. BLEND. Don’t smile.

Adrian: Practice the heck out of makeup. Jen has practiced SO much to get her face to look like Ben’s. I took a semester long makeup class and still am not as good as I could be. Mannerisms are super important. Practice good faces in front of the mirror that compliment your makeup. Practice carrying yourself and watch the way the characters walk/pose. Characterization can make a cosplay so much better. As for the costumes themselves, dig deep into the Internet and you can find fairly good replicas. We got our coats at!



Forming a wonderful bond as Sherlock Holmes & John Watson!

During Sherlocked USA convention, the two of you won first place in the costume contest. What were your thoughts on that?

Jen: We met so many other cosplayers who deserved the upmost praise and recognition for their hard work. Though we are honored to have received Best in Show, we would have given it to many others before ourselves for their amazing work. Mostly, we are just glad to have had the opportunity to have met so many other people. Also, the walk-on was really fun. It’s satisfying to know your characterization has come across!

Adrian: I was completely shocked and immediately humbled. Like Jen said, there were so many cosplayers backstage who were completely stunning. It was COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED to hear our names get called, but an absolutely pleasure. I just wish we had gotten more time to talk to everyone else we met backstage!


Are you Johnlocked? I saw an adorable pair on the dance floor, during the Sherlocked convention, dressed as the wedding Sherlock and John. Both were dancing it up and seemed very Johnlocked. I thought it was brilliant.

Adrian: I personally love Johnlock. I think the fact that this show has touched the lives of so many LGBT individuals is beautiful. There are so many hidden intricacies in the show that hint at the deep love between these two men. It is the most beautiful romance I’ve ever seen on television. A lot of people think romance means sex, but it is something very different. This show is also the reason Jen and I started dating, so it’s very near and dear to my heart. I’d love to see a canonical Johnlock in a series someday!

Jen: Still my OTP (one true pairing) after six years.



A wonderful ending to a wonderful interview! A Big Thanks to both Adrain and Jen!!

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