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Write It On Your Heart

tumblr_nz5bp3ADaO1rn4ft0o1_1280Sherlock is clearly a man out of his time, in this brilliantly written victorian tale! This marks the end of Sherlock December Ficlets, we’ll be starting up on mydogwatson postcards series soon! [Art by sh2Jw] Until then, enjoy this teaser..


Write It On Your Heart

After a time, Holmes straightened and I handed him his whisky. We clicked our glasses together in a toast to…well, us, I suppose and drank as the clock moved closer to midnight. Before the hour struck, we both stood and walked over to the window, looking down at Baker Street below.

He began to speak. “Occasionally, I indulge in fanciful thoughts.”

“My logical Homes?” I teased gently.


“And where do your fancies take you?”

“Onto a future Baker Street, a future 221B.”

A lone carriage passed by.

“A future Holmes and Watson?” I enquired.

He nodded, smiling faintly. Sheepishly.

“Do they solve crimes?”

Holmes took a swallow of his whisky. “Well, Holmes does. Watson is his conductor of light, as always.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. There were no passersby on the road below. “They care for one another, just as we do,” he said in a soft voice. “But the world is very different. They do not have to hide. They have no fear. That is what I think about sometimes.” The short laugh he gave was devoid of humour. “I am clearly a man out of his time.”

I refused to allow sadness into my heart. “We know our hearts. No one can steal that from us and I refuse to live one unhappy day because of anyone else.”

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year,”Holmes said into my ear. Then he smiled again. “Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

_ _ _

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My True Love Gave To Me


Nearing the completion of Sherlock’s December Ficlets,  just one more segment, and I’ve so fallen behind on these brilliant chapters! In this segment we see Sherlock as he is, a caring and loving Detective. The secret romance also continues! Amazing as always mydogwatson! Amazing art by mi_caw_beron Instagram! 

A teaser to: My True Love Gave To Me..

Although I was no stranger to the darkest aspects of London, that great cesspool, due both to my time with Holmes and my role as a physician, some of the corners we visited on that Boxing Day still surprised and dismayed me. Holmes was intent on distributing the bags of coins to as many of his ‘Irregulars’ as possible. The children were huddled in rundown rooms, with no parent in sight. Or they dwelt in makeshift campsites situated on the stony strips of land under the bridges of the city.

Holmes did not patronise them or express useless pity over their situations. Instead, he gave out the coins, commented pleasantly on the weather or upon the likelihood of there being, as one cheeky lad put it, “a bloody good murder case soon.”

One of the few girls we saw was sporting a grimy pink ribbon in her tangled, filthy hair. Holmes complimented her on it and she beamed.

“Lady throwed it right down on the pavement,” she said, touching the strip of satin proudly. “Can you figger that?”

“Silly woman.” Holmes said, handing the girl a pouch.

Like every single child we saw that day, she said a careful ‘thank you.’


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Nothing to Make a Song About [Chapter 1]


Here’s a ‘What If’ story for you Johnlock fans.. What if John hadn’t forgiven Sherlock?  [When Sherlock returned from his faked death, John could not forgive him for the deception and broke off their friendship. Ten years later, John returns to London in search of yet another new beginning. Sherlock, not surprisingly, is waiting. ] A brilliant story written by emmagrant01. Art above by sweetlittlekitty at & on tumblr!

For you fans of The Cure, read an interview I had with emmagrant01 [Emma] months ago! 

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy


The Sherlock’s December Ficlets continue as John’s introduced to Sherlock’s parents! The two once again find a moments privacy, and we learn a bit more about Sherlock’s family and his childhood! Another brilliant segment by mydogwatson! Amazing art by marurenai on deviantart!

A teaser to Tidings of Comfort and Joy..

Drinks before dinner were served in a cosy parlour where there was a roaring fire to ward off the cold Yorkshire night air. While Mr Holmes, a tall, thin man with a headful of white and unruly hair, asked me questions about my time in Her Majesty’s forces, across the room Holmes and his mother were engaged in a conversation about some arcane mathematical topic that might as well have been in Greek for all it meant to me. Especially as my mind was distracted by the thought that, were I a very fortunate man, one day I might look across a room and see my Holmes, his hair gone white and his face lined, looking back at me with the same love as he showed today.

Dinner itself passed pleasantly and just as I was starting to look forward to spending a quiet evening in front of that fire with my pipe and perhaps a nice brandy, Mrs Holmes turned a smile on her son. “Sherlock, since you refused to join us and Mycroft on Christmas Eve, we have decided to do the walk tonight as well.”

Holmes groaned. “Really, Mother, I hardly think that it is necessary to—”

She quieted him with a look and I wondered if that were a trick she might teach me. Then she smiled at me. “Doctor Watson, we are not a religious family, but there is a habit we have adopted over the years. On Christmas Eve we walk over to the local church and light a candle with our sons. It has become my favorite tradition and we would be delighted if you would like to join us tonight with Sherlock.”

I glanced at Holmes, who merely looked resigned, then said, “It would be my pleasure.”

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A Midnight Clear


The longest night of the year, how will John cheer up his Detective? Perhaps a little walk and then a blessing from the Roman god of winter? I give you another brilliant segment of Sherlock December Ficlets, by mydogwatson!


A teaser from A Midnight Clear

We had reached the park and once our steps had taken us into the interior, it felt as if we had entered a different world completely. All the sounds of the city—the clip-clop of the carriage horses on the roadway, the occasional call of a news seller, trying to rid himself of the last of his papers before quitting for the night, the hawking of roasted chestnuts on the corner—faded away to nothing and it almost seemed as if we could hear the snow as it landed on the ground.

Once again, we walked without words, neither of us apparently willing to break the spell that had over-taken us in this strange and lovely new world. Between the clouds, a shaft of moonlight made the snow glitter.

We had not yet reached the zoo, when Holmes paused. I turned my head to see whatever had caught his attention. “How beautiful,” I said then.

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O Night Divine


In a time when they must hide their true feelings, Sherlock and John share a dance. They’ll also find time for something more, in this brilliantly written segment of Sherlock’s December Ficlets by mydogwatson! Art by Olga-Tereshenko at Deviantart!

A teaser to ‘O Night Divine’

After far too long, we were finally able to excuse ourselves from the dance floor, expressing the need to visit the refreshment table which was situated in the adjoining ante-room. But I cleverly changed direction at the last moment, knowing that my friend would follow me, as he always did. We climbed the stairs, away from the public rooms, going where no one else would follow. Our destination was the library. Once inside, I lighted one lamp only. With the door closed, we were ensconced in a private world; it was only the sound of the music rising up from below that reminded us of the ball.

Watson just stood for a moment, listening. “I dreamt last night that we were at a faerie ball,” he said softly.

I merely shook my head a little at his fancy.

Then he bowed in front of me. “May I have the honor?” he asked gallantly and now his gentlemanly charm was entirely delightful.

I took John Watson into my arms just as a waltz began below and we danced. We danced. 

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Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?


For you Sheriarty fans, this story takes an interesting twist, as Sherlock goes to Moriarty for protection. In the end, will the two men admit their love? Brilliantly written I hope you enjoy [Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?] as much as we have! Story by ravyn_nevermore! Art by AnnaProvidence at

A teaser from Dear Jim, Please will you fix it for me?

Jim is much kinder than Sherlock had anticipated. Only to him, though. With people who deliver food when he’s too tired to cook, he’s merely polite. With clients, he’s cold, stern, and proper. But with Sherlock, always kindness. It’s fascinating really. He always feeds Sherlock, always keeps a comfortable distance. The clothes he bought fit perfectly. Jim continues to sleep on the sofa and allow Sherlock his bed. Sometimes, he’ll play piano for him. He doesn’t even mind when Sherlock wants to just lie around and watch crap telly.

You’ll find a continuation of the story at: Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me? Also upon finishing that story, leave ravyn_nevermore some comments! She’d love to hear from you!