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The Great SherlockeDCC Scavenger Hunt!

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For you Sherlock Fans attending the San Diego Comic Con, don’t miss this fun event! Lots of Sherlock swag to be won, including some goodies from Sherlock Fans USA! For more details, follow the links below!


Curtis Armstrong was kind enough to record an announcemengUYCSt for this event! 

A huge thanks to the Baker Street Babes, for sharing this with us!


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Taking it BEYOND BAKER STREET.. For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!

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The Game Is Now!

thegamesinowIf you haven’t been following The Game Is Now online! Mark & Steven have been sharing some fun goodies of late, and they’ll been offering some fun prizes!! Recently they tested the Logic of fans on Facebook at 221b The Game Is Now & on Twitter at Sherlock: The Game Is Now! You can also find Mark & Steven at Stardom on tumblr! 

Follow these hashtags, they lead to a summer of fun! #SummerOfSherlock #ConsultingFandom


We may have to wait awhile for another season of Sherlock, but the Game is never over! We’ll try to keep you updated! -Sherlock Fans USA


Find Us Online

Find us on TwitterInstagramTumblr, our Facebook Like page and Group page!

Taking it BEYOND BAKER STREET.. For you Retro Fans! Have I got the convention for you! Retro Con 2018! For more information go to!



Member Spotlight: Lea Fleming!

DSC09690 (2)Lea in St. James Park – Standing on the bridge Sherlock and John walked across, in The Bloody Guardsman.

Name: L. Fleming

Nickname: Lea

A [U.S.A] Member 

Favorite character: Sherlock

First discovered Sherlock: Totally by accident. Flipping channels I landed on PBS during one of Steven and Mark’s Special Features (don’t remember which one) and paused long enough to get a little interested – hey! this was really different. Saw Benedict and thought he was so strange but I was not yet convinced.  Hurriedly I ordered Season 1 from Amazon and devoured it. But I had to hurry because S3 was coming out in two weeks!  So I ordered S2 and by the time S3 showed it was too late. I was obsessed.

Favorite episode: Scandal in Belgravia. I loved the tying together of Moriarty and Irene. Another whole episode could be written right there. And then the game playing between Irene and Sherlock was brilliant!  (This can’t be happening, can it?  This is not happening; this is happening, I think.  This couldn’t happen – or did it?) 

 Beyond BBC: Basil Rathbone was the ONLY Sherlock Holmes I would ever accept. I was such a snob that I had never even heard of Jeremy Brett until after Sherlock! My stepfather introduced me to SH when I was about 7 and I was allowed to stay up late on Sat. night and watch the Basil Rathbone classics.  (and if I remember rightly we also watched Peter Seller movies). Then I started reading ACD in high school and have read them all at least 3 times.

Personal interests:  Reading – ACD, Laurie R. King, Diana Gabaldon. Fashion, beauty – I own a salon and boutique. I love doing nails and being a personal shopper for my clients. All of whom have been gracious to accept my obsession with Benedict and Sherlock.  In fact, I’ve even converted a few – my goal in life right now. 

Things I enjoy watching aside from Sherlock include: I enjoy watching Outlander (would love to find an Outlander Con), Poldark, NCIS, Bull, Mr. Selfridge, anything Benedict is in and Instinct.

Where To Find Me: I’m on twitter and fb. On twitter I follow Sue, Amanda, Tom, Louise, & Mark. et al

 I am a member of Sherlock Fans USA, Sherlock Fans over 30, & Sherlockian Things.


My Favorite Photos





More Photos to be added soon!

Sherlock Fans USA: Charity T-Shirts!

Because we love charities and I think this would be a fun way to promote our group, I’ve designed Three shirts! The deadline for buying these t-shirts is July first, they’ll be made shortly after and shipped July 10th! Each t-shirt goes towards a special charity, so let’s also raise some money!!


The first t-shirt design will have this on the front of it, and it Honor’s Redbeard! The money will go towards Cat Angel Network, a shelter for animals with special needs. If you’d like to have you’re lettering on the front instead of the back, here’s another designed offered: For Redbeard


Each t-shirt will have the same lettering on the back of it.

download (1)

The second t-shirt design, SHERLOCK’S KIDS will go towards Mending Kids a nonprofit organization, that helps family and kids in need of medical care! 



The third and final t-shirt Honor’s our favorite Land Lady, MRS HUDSON! The money goes towards The Alzheimer’s Association. [This t-shirt is also in memory of a wonderful father, my dad, whom we lost last year, to this horrible disease]. 


Now purchase a great t-shirt, and help a great charity! We Sherlock fans plan to wear these to London next year too!

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Taking it Beyond Baker Street!

Must Watch Shows and Movies, starring our favorite talents!

Have you watched Patrick Melrose yet?



For those that haven’t watched it yet.. Safe is a must! Starring: Michael C. Hall, Amanda Abbington and Marc Warren!



Martin Freeman brilliant as always in Cargo!