A Lovable Molly: Sherlocked 2018


Last week, I spotlighted a Flattering Holmes.. This week, lets start off with a Lovable Molly! This Molly of course is the same from the video below, and now share’s her personal experiences with Louise Brealey!

Find these talented fans on Instagram: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, and Molly – @blueandgreenhearts


Sherlock Fans USA: Was this your first time meeting Loo?

Blue and Green Hearts: This was my first time meeting Loo and she was absolutely amazing! I met her really briefly on Friday and said hi, but the first time I really talked to her was during our autograph section on Saturday. I’ve been to a few different conventions before, but I’ve never met anyone like Loo. She is just so kind and cares so deeply about not only meeting her fans, but also actually talking and learning about them. For example, the person in front of me had just gotten their autograph and moved to leave, probably assuming that everyone was going to be rushed through the line, and Loo actually called them back and asked if they wanted to chat some more. Personally, I got to talk to Loo for about ten minutes and every time I felt like I was taking up too much of her time, she would ask me a question or assure me that I wasn’t bothering her. We actually talked about Molly a lot and why we both loved her character. So often, to quote Loo, we see strong female protagonists as being the “gun-toting”, “out manning the men” type, which is great, but there is also a power in being gentle and empathetic and staying kind and positive. Molly is so complex and grows so much throughout the series, so we had a lot to talk about!


Sherlock Fans USA: What was her reactions to your costumes?

Blue and Green Hearts: She had the biggest reaction to the Christmas one! On Friday, she walked by me and saw that I was wearing her Topshop sweater and yelled something about being cold and wanting to borrow it, which was hilarious. On Saturday, it took her a few seconds to realize the whole Helen Louise getup, “I didn’t even notice that you were dressed as me!”, but she laughed at it and liked the brain and skull signature combo. My last photo with her was on Sunday though, which was the day I wore the Christmas cosplay for the second time, and she was really sweet about it. When I got up to take the photo, I assumed it would go by really quickly, but she actually stopped me and complimented my dress and asked if I had stitched it myself. She also complimented me one more time as I was leaving and when I told her it was my last op with her, she gave me a hug. She was really lovely about the whole thing!


Sherlock Fans USA: Did she see all of them?

Blue and Green Hearts: She saw almost all of them! During the second half of Sunday, I wore Molly’s pink Pins and Needles SA Apple Cherry top, which unfortunately, Loo didn’t get to see. It’s okay though because I’m incredibly grateful for all of the experiences I did have with her.


Sherlock Fans USA: Favorite con experiences?

Blue and Green Hearts: Other than my experiences with Loo, I have so many amazing memories from the convention. At the end of the day, conventions are about fans meeting and interacting with other fans and creating safe and accepting communities together. For that reason, some of my favorite events were things like the Chaos Costuming Workshops, where my group and I made a paper tea set and then during the next day made a fabulous Sherlock stripping routine. So, whether it was making a bunch of “Miss Me?” sequin signs during the Christmas party or learning a bunch of Scottish slang, I was constantly having fun and talking to new people. I also met so many amazing cosplayers, like y’all, who were dressed up in these amazing canon costumes or had these really creative inspired/AU looks. Finally, this con taught me more than ever that cosplay really should be accessible and for everyone. I’ve been doing cosplay for about three years now and I’ve always looked at the cosplayers on tumblr, with their fancy photo shoots, and thought “ahhh that can’t be me”, but with the help of Vee, Taylor, and Jade (@angelsandassbutts, @bravoalmara, and @littleboffin on Instagram), I was able to feel a lot more confident and actually start my own Instagram account, @blueandgreenhearts, which I was WAY too scared to do before. They really helped and encouraged me and I want to do the same with other people and push them to try cosplaying if they’re interested in it!


Lots of love Molly Love!










The Woman: blueandgreenhearts setting up to do Irene! 




Lots of love to an adorable Molly for sharing! If you missed it: A Flattering Holmes, which includes a Convention Video Blog! 




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