A Flattering Holmes: Sherlocked 2018


Although this blog has a fan interview in it.. I want to point out, it’s not just about the interview. It’s about a talented group of friends/fans, celebrating an amazing show! Bravo, happened to be the Consulting Detective in this celebration, so I interviewed her first! Molly – @blueandgreenhearts & Sherlock – @bravoalmara pictured above!

Before that interview.. Let’s have some Fun!

Find these talented fans on Instagram: Irene – @littleboffin, Sherlock – @bravoalmara, Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts, Mary – @lanavsspoils, and Molly – @blueandgreenhearts


Moriarty – @angelsandassbutts & Sherlock – @bravoalmara

Sherlock Fans USA: So I’m going to jump right into those questions.. Was this your first Sherlocked convention? It’s not your first time dressing up as a Sherlock character ‘publicly’ correct?

Bravo: Yes this is my first Sherlock convention ( not the last hopefully!) and no this is the third time I’ve cosplayed as him at a convention.


Sherlock Fans USA: With this being your first Sherlocked, share a favorite moment?

Bravo: My favorite part of the convention was the fans honestly. Having them be excited about the cosplays and getting to meet other cosplayers like littleboffin and angelsandassbutts (supernatural reference I believe ) who I was familiar with but never thought I’d get to meet was awesome. My most memorable moment was during the Saturday party when everyone gathered around Vee (angelsandassbutts dressed as Moriarty) and I dancing to staying Alive. I felt literally famous!


Sherlock Fans USA: I’m sorry I missed dancing. I was hanging in the bar with friends, then went upstairs to get some extra sleep. I agree.. It’s the fans and the friends that make a convention so amazing. Of course we enjoyed the guests too, but we need fellow fans to make it something special.So aside from the cosplay, which you were brilliant at! Did you have a favorite panel? Of course you can list more then one?

Bravo: My favorite panels were definitely Sian and Louise, and Louise and Rupert. I loved the banter and the wit they all had. They were hilarious. Yes next time we’ll need Mrs. Hudson and John! [That last part, was a hint that my John and I should make another trip to California sometime!]


Sherlock Fans USA: Mrs. Hudson’s sassy, especially after she’s had a few drinks.. just remember that I loved the Banter too, when I got to see some of it! Surprisingly I missed a lot of the panels, always running and doing I didn’t miss the auction though! Saying that.. Did you buy yourself anything cool during the convention? Something that really stands out? You do realize I’ll be putting most of this into a blog

Bravo: Yeah I was all over the place there too! I hope you’re putting all of this gold in! I unfortunately was extremely broke while there so I bought nothing.


Sherlock Fans USA: You were running and taking amazing footage and photos, from what I’ve seen! I really need you to help me with my make up sometime too! Nothing for yourself? I’ll have to send you a Sherlock goodie package sometime.Any special moment with the actors, I mean aside from the panels?

Bravo: I did ride in the elevator with Rupert the first day, and we had a little conversation which was so cool! He was totally sweet and just like a normal guy. Yes share away, any and all!

Sherlock Fans USA: You stepped away with an amazing collection of videos and photos, so your mission was accomplished! Now I’ll share that collection with fellow fans! 

Below is another photo of Bravo dressed as Irene, the Sherlock is the Blogger of this site 🙂


Thanks again to this Amazing Group of Fans! More Sherlocked goodies soon!




Because we love charities and I think this would be a fun way to promote our group, I’ve designed Three shirts! The deadline for buying these t-shirts is July first, they’ll be made shortly after and shipped July 10th! Each t-shirt goes towards a special charity, so let’s also raise some money!! 

The first t-shirt design will have this on the front of it, and it Honor’s Redbeard! The money will go towards Cat Angel Network, a shelter for animals with special needs.

The second t-shirt design, SHERLOCK’S KIDS will go towards Mending Kids a nonprofit organization, that helps family and kids in need of medical care! 

The third and final t-shirt Honor’s our favorite Land Lady, MRS HUDSON! The money goes towards The Alzheimer’s Association.



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