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Sherlock Fan Trip To London: Hotels

For those Sherlock fans planning  to meet up in London, for Martin’s play and some Sherlock fun! Here’s the hotels we’re looking at.


The Days Hotel London- Waterloo: This hotel is normally priced 75.00 a night. But for fans planning to join us, there will be an employee discount, thanks to Rhonna Di! Let us know if you’re interested in this hotel, or contact Rhonna on Facebook. [This hotel is also handicap accessible, with a continental breakfast.] The address for the Days Hotel: 54 Kennington Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7BJ, UK 



The second hotel choice is, the Montana Hotel at 67/69 Gloucester Road Kensington London SW7 4PG. The price of the rooms start at $83.00 US dollars a night on Expedia, of course there’s taxes on fees on there. [It’s in a very nice location, in the heart of London. With a continental breakfast, that offers a classic buffet selection, featuring a range of fresh fruits, cereals, pastries, cold cuts, yoghurts and more.] I’ve personally stayed at this hotel before, and it’s very nice. It doesn’t look to be handicap accessible though, I’ll look into it a bit more though.

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On my way to London!


I’m on my way to London for five days! Wish it were more, but I’d miss my honey and our two kitties! Anyhow I’ll be delayed on posting anything until 1st of November. I’ll take lots of pictures though! I’ll not only be visiting the Sherlock museum and eating at Speedy’s, but I’m also going to Martin Freeman’s play Labour of Love [Front row seats for that]! Then to top it off, I’ll be attending Sherlocked next weekend too! Fun times! I’ll blog as soon as I can, and for those going, I hope to see you there!

A cool custom set I’m bringing with me to show off! I still need to work on the card design. It’s a bit rough right now, but I do love it!! A Sherlock, John and Mycroft Lego set! The Handcuffs are for Sherlock and John off course, to reenact one of my favorite scenes!  


A Cumberbatch Trip To London!

Another very interesting story from my friend Lea Fleming! She had the opportunity to go to London a few years ago and see many of the on screen locations from the BBC series. She also got to see Sherlock Holmes’s cottage in East Dean, and by chance ended up nose to nose with Benedict Cumberbatch! This is her story!


Lea, having lunch at Speedy’s! She had the “John Watson” a delicious wrap.

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