Like those Sherlock episodes… I really need to make a comeback! Too much work and no fun makes a dull Sherlock fan indeed.

Although I really need to start posting fanfictions again, I’ll start things off with a few photos taken this November! No matter the age, I’ll always love my cosplay, and playing Sherlock! I’ll have MORE PHOTOS soon, as Mycroft enjoys his cake and James joins us in battle!

Again, sorry for my absence. Much LOVE and HUGS to all of my friends!


PS: If you have something you’d like to share in the future, shoot me an email at skids1985@comcast.net [No Spammers Please!]

For those that have followed my GAME IS NEVER OVER page, I’ll be deleting that due to my time schedule, we can still plan meet-ups on this page!


For those that haven’t been following Ali Miller and The Game Is Now, both still offer FAN SAFE and FUN COLLECTIBLES along with online events! Check out these links and stay safe!

For Ail Miller go to https://alimiller.co.uk/

The GAME IS NOW go to https://www.thegameisnow.com/


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Greetings fellow Sherlock fans…

It looks like things are only getting worse when it comes to planning a fan gathering/event in November. So I’m canceling this November gathering. Hopefully next year we can start planning again. Those that live local to Philadelphia PA, I’ll be planning BBC meetups. I’ve already got a few places in mind near King of Prussia where we can have fan days. For those that live further away, I would like to look into a London group event again, once things are back to normal again that is.

I think in the future I would also like to see BBC fans set up at events, like 221B Con. Maybe even host some panels at future events like we did at London Comic-Con, or maybe a fan party? For most of us, it’s just celebrating a show we love! For those I owe refunds, I will be contacting all of you personally, it just may take me a few days.

I also plan to start selling the goodies I was going to sell at our event. I have a bunch of double-sided movie posters which include: The Imitation Game, The Hobbit, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor, etc… I have a list 🙂 I’m also selling a bunch of Sherlock Pop Figures. Looking for something, contact me.

Anything I had listed for charity will be saved for future fan gatherings and events.

Again stay safe, and I hope to see all of you again soon. -Rose AKA Blogger

Sherlock Celebration Update…

Greetings, fellow Sherlock fans.

Aside from working full time and starting an online business, explaining my delay in posting. I wanted to give you a Sherlock Celebration Update.

The hotel informed me last week that I’m allowed to have no more than 25 in attendance and that’s including hotel staff. That count may change by November, I’m hoping it will. Right now I’m considering a smaller meetup. Would love to hear your thoughts!

For those that would like a refund, let me know. For those still planning to meet up this November. I’m now considering a group road trip around Philly.

In the future, after things are a tad bit normal, I would love to find a way for local Sherlock fans to meet up for monthly or bi-monthly gatherings.  Something similar to a London trip 20 of us planned a few years back.

-Rose (Blogger)

On Sherlock Fans USA and I hope to be more active on Instagram too! More importantly, get back to reading some fanfiction!

The Mystery Of Life

John Watson has been reading and learning so much, as he continues to work! Mycroft continues on his quest to be queen! 🙂 And Sherlock takes on his first case…The Case Of Ananda Holmes! All in this next chapter of Memento Vivere by  mydogwatson! Amazing art by arashicat!

Enjoy a short teaser as always…

So this was legwork.

After more than two hours dawdling behind the rundown gambling den, Mycroft knew that this sort of activity was not really his forte. He was miserable, honestly, and also uneasy because he did not really know what would happen when—-if—-the man he was waiting for actually appeared. There were secret passwords involved, for heaven’s sake.

He felt a bit of a fool.

The cold air was seeping into his shoes, so he stamped his feet to get the blood flowing. Unexpectedly, he thought of India, of the warmth that had enveloped him, but that was only a memory now.

And that was was a dangerous line of thought. Memories.

Read the full chapter at The Mystery Of Life! Follow mydogwatson at https://archiveofourown.org/users/mydogwatson/pseuds/mydogwatson



We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Or Else I Shall Be Lost

On one’s own… Both young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, must learn to live without their brothers in this next chapter of Memento Vivere! Brilliantly written by mydogwatson! Amazing art by arashicat!

A teaser as always…

It was a fortnight later when he received a letter from Sherlock. The handwriting was overly tidy, rather than the usual impatient scrawl his brother produced, so clearly he had made an effort.

Dear Mycroft,

I do not know if you have heard about my mother. She has gone missing and I fear the worst. Father is quite upset. I think he would be glad if you came home now, because I am not a very good son. He seems to forget that I am here, which is actually fine, but I am sure that he would pay attention to you. I would be glad of your homecoming as well.

You have not written to me in some time, so maybe I am not a good brother either. I could do better, I think, if you were here.

Your brother,

Mycroft carefully folded the letter and returned it to the envelope, deliberately not looking at the wall above his desk.

Read the full chapter at Or Else I Shall Be Lost!


We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Young Men At Anguish


Dark times for both a young Sherlock and John, in this next chapter of Memento Vivere. For Mycroft, he finds a new opportunity awaiting him. Beautiful art above by Aumael on DeviantArt! Read the complete chapter at Young Men At Anguish.

A very short teaser…

Despite the warmth in the room and the shawl wrapped around his shoulders, Sherlock realized that he was shivering at the sudden understanding that nothing was going to be ordinary ever again if Mummy did not come back.

He looked up and saw that his father was staring at him.

“Would someone get that boy to bed,” Father barked. “Now, William.”

– I’m still playing catch up on the mydogwatson goodies! -Blogger



We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

Magazine Clippings!

I’ve had time to get things done in my personal life, but I’m still lacking when it comes to getting things done online. So I ask your forgiveness for my delays and I hope to be more active in the future! For now, enjoy what I have posted below! -Rose (Blogger)

A tvtimes flashback from 2012 as fans got ready for the second season of Sherlock! (These clippings are from my personal collection and I will be sharing more soon, including interviews!) I’ll also be spotlighting mydogwatson stories again soon!

A throwback from Entertainment Weekly speaks of Sherlock, Downton Abby, and the Gramham Norton Show!




We’ve rented a ballroom and have a full weekend planned! Event Schedule subject to changes and updates! November 20th through the 22nd, 2020 at Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks in Phoenixville, PA! Learn more at Sherlock Celebration 2020

So Strong, So Certain, So Lost!

There are hints of a future in the military, as John Watson now proudly wears a uniform. Sherlock struggles with the fact he may have to leave home, just as Mycroft had. And Mycroft Holmes is surrounded by Goldfish in this next chapter of Memento Vivere! Amazing art by ermitanyongpalits on DeviantArt!

As always we share a teaser…

He was so proud of his uniform.

Every night, he brushed down the coat and polished the brass buttons until they gleamed. His job at the telegraph office meant that he was able to buy bread every day and maybe even a bit of beef occasionally. Mum would smile and pat his head when he came home with fresh bread and a small cut of meat.

Harry would always speak up, bragging about how he was now decorating hats rather than just cutting felt. John did not envy him that job, however. It meant spending twelve hours every day but Sunday, bent over the worktable in a crowded room with dim lighting. In addition, Harry had to put up with their father’s constant jibes about the kind of boy who spent his life ‘sticking fucking shiny bits and feathers on hats’.

The old man himself was most often too insensible with the gin to work many days in a week. Mam still went out to do laundry for several families, which helped a bit. All in all, things were somewhat better than they had been,

John was miserable.

Oh, he did not mind the job; in fact, he enjoyed being able to run all over London. Liked ringing the bells at the doors of grand houses in Mayfair and chatting with the young maids who sometimes opened those doors and who were clearly impressed by his uniform. They batted their eyes at him and giggled. Of course, he enjoyed the salary, small as it was and the occasional extra pence or two a stone-faced butler would sometimes give him. And he was not picking up dog shite all day.

So all of that was good.

The full story can be read at So Strong, So Certain, So Lost! After you’ve read the story, leave a comment, mydogwatson would love to hear from you!

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