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Fan Memories of Una Stubbs Our Mrs.Hudson…


This blog is again overdue, my delay comes from working too much as always, but my feelings are still the same, so much heartbreak from losing such a kindhearted and talented soul. To continue from last week, I once again share the feelings of my fellow fans, some favorite art, and cosplay. Art above by a personal favorite bluezest.
Teri White Meeting and having the chance to chat with Una was wonderful at SHERLOCKED in Birmingham. Every role I have seen her in was a pleasure to watch.
Sophia RijsterborghShe was a real badass as miss Hudson in Sherlock. A landlord of our Dreams and someone which we will miss greatly. The moment she passed away is the moment the world lost a great star, but may she shine brightly in the heavens above to give us some of her Kindness. Guts. Love. Humor. Talent. 
Christine VolkerUna was a sheer delight to meet at Sherlocked.
Lea FlemingNot only meeting her at Sherlocked but also having the honor of having a real conversation with her was so special. I dressed as her and she was so sweet, she said no one had cosplayed her before! She was my hero. (Lea dressed as Mrs. Hudson above).
Mc HarrisShe is so beloved that minutes before I met her in Birmingham, her name had been the answer to the quiz program I was watching. As I was chatting with her I told her she was quite surprised. She will be greatly missed.
Leny Alcocer LopezI could only add that I admire her so much, and I recognize her magnificent work in the Sherlock series.
Cari DolcemascoloMy little Una story: A few years ago, at Sherlocked LA, she saw my husband helping me in my wheelchair. She let out her quintessential sweet squeal and had everyone around us literally stop. She told everyone who was around us that she just witnessed true love and everyone should seek such a beautiful relationship and if they didn’t have it to keep looking. She later hugged me during photo opportunities and thanked me for making her day. What a beautiful soul and talented actor she was. (In the picture, she let me lean on her a bit to stay standing ).

MrsHWe fans have also celebrated our love for Mrs. Hudson Una’s character through cosplay! Myself included, the photos above and below were taken during Sherlocked 2018! My dear friend Lea has dressed as our favorite housekeeper many times as well.  -Rosemary



Lea cosplaying as Mrs. Hudson during London Comic Con, with her Sherlock.  Below photo from Sherlocked 2017 in the states.


Most importantly, there’s also a Fundraiser started to Honor Una Stubbs. Learn more at https://justgiving.com/remember/892790/Una-Stubbs Donations go to Young Minds Trust.


MrsHudson copy

[Look for more posts in the future, when this Blogger has a free moment!]