Sherlocked Memories 2018


As I slowly get into these posts again… I share some more Sherlocked memories! All of these again are from Sherlocked 2018 in the states! I keep hoping for another event!!! Above photo and below are from the Opening Panel! Guests included Louise Brealey, Sian Brooke, Tom Stoughton​, Rupert Graves, Rachel Talalay, and Gordon Kennedy.




This next set includes Fans enjoying the Event! Most honoring their favorite characters in cosplay! 


Enjoy and I’ll be posting more goodies soon! -Blogger


For Ail Miller go to

The GAME IS NOW go to


Things are slowly getting back to normal, some our personal favorites.

Remember conventions?! We do, and we’re bringing ours back to you in 2021!

Get ready for the *return* of Retro Con, scheduled for September 25th & 26th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA! Over 225 vendor tables of retro and retro-inspired collectibles on sale, including such toyline favorites as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ThunderCats, Star Wars, and MASK. You can also expect to find such memorabilia as video games, comic books, lunchboxes, diecast cars, dolls/plush, custom 2D/3D art, board games, and much more. If you’ve got the collector bug, our eclectic group of vendors are bound to have something for you!

Retro Con is more than just a toy show though! We also feature special guests, panels, contests, raffles, costumes, tv/movie cars and props, and video games. If retro geek stuff is your thing, we’re the perfect hangout for the day or weekend- all at an affordable price. Come for the toys… stay for the atmosphere!

Keep watching our pages for future show updates!

London Comic Con


For you LONDON FANS this is a MUST! Learn more at

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