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Magazine Clippings!

I’ve had time to get things done in my personal life, but I’m still lacking when it comes to getting things done online. So I ask your forgiveness for my delays and I hope to be more active in the future! For now, enjoy what I have posted below! -Rose (Blogger)

A tvtimes flashback from 2012 as fans got ready for the second season of Sherlock! (These clippings are from my personal collection and I will be sharing more soon, including interviews!) I’ll also be spotlighting mydogwatson stories again soon!

A throwback from Entertainment Weekly speaks of Sherlock, Downton Abby, and the Gramham Norton Show!




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Remembering a little dog named Watson…

As I’ve mentioned before it’s hard to keep up at times, with my busy lifestyle, so I can honestly say I was heartbroken to hear the news of a cute little pug’s death… He died last week while I was away, and his name was Watson, like John Watson. So in honor of this wonderful little dog and his talented owner… This blog is for you.


Sherlock and the show’s actors have often shown their love for animals, so it’s all about the furry kind, as we remember Watson a cute little pug!


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