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Playing Catch up!


I’ve been running like a mad person, my entire Christmas Break. Nothing unusually I know! Ten days off and it was mostly spent visiting friends and family. I guess in a way, you could say I needed some me time. For those that joined in our Andrew Scott contest, that ended today. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. We’ll have another contest soon I promise! Until then Happy New Years, and enjoy some of my favorite art! Art above by glasmond on deviantart!

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The Game Is On! Another Chance To Win!



Here’s another chance to WIN some cool prizes! First place receives a Sherlock Pop figure exclusive from Barnes and Noble! Along with a Union hat, just like the one Andrew Scott wears in The Reichenbach Fall!


How to enter.. You must first be follow our Like page: and be a member of our group page: (International fans are welcome to join in and WIN!)

How To WIN? Whomever invites the most people to LIKE our Facebook page and join our Group WINS! Second place will receive a pop figure of our choice and a Sherlock Fans USA pin set! Here’s the important part.. If you invite friends please tag us or write us, so we can keep track of our contestants. This will not be a blind drawing.. This is a group effort!


Contest Ends September 30th! Contest for October will center on the best Sherlock costume! Again International fans are welcome!!