The Sherlock Holmes Pub

Hello again.  I’m sorry about not posting last week.  Real life got in the way, allergies and a wedding but I’m back and ready to tell you about the SH Pub.


Rose, Meg and I went twice while in London.  The first time was for dinner with a few friends, Teri, Laura and her charming husband Michael.

We showed up later in the evening for dinner without making a reservation.  Bad decision.  We were told that there was no seating inside, neither in the bar (downstairs) nor the dining room (upstairs).  We were sitting at two of the tables in the picture deciding where we could go for dinner, since there was no room for us inside, when Michael told us to wait.  He got up, went inside and came out saying we needed to hurry, there was a booth opening up and we could come inside.  We ladies were very happy since it was a bit nippy outside.

After sitting at the booth, we found out that we couldn’t order any food downstairs, only in the dining room.  In which, we started the discussion about where we would get dinner.  Michael, bless his southern boy heart, went upstairs and got us a table in the dining room.

Not only did we get a table in the dining room when we were told there wasn’t one, (Thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart!), we also got to sit down and have an excellent meal with good friends in a wonderful atmosphere.  Definitely a night to remember.


Rose had made reservations for lunch the next day, so Rose, Meg and I had a wonderful lunch.

There is so much memorabilia in the dining room.  It is amazing how many things are on the walls and behind glass.





(Meg dressed as John)


(Rose dressed as Sherlock. The pipe is part of the collection.)


All the memorabilia was donated by AC Doyle’s family after his death.


I loved this the most though.  A quill pen and nibs. I wonder if this was used to write down some of the stories published in the Strand.  Perhaps…


We couldn’t leave without a picture of Holmes and Watson posing as Holmes and Watson.

The food was delicious, the service excellent and the memorabilia was amazing.  When in London do visit the pub, just make a reservation first.

10 Northumberland Street, St James’s, WC2N 5DB

Next time:  A Night At The Pinter

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