Playing Catch up!


I’ve been running like a mad person, my entire Christmas Break. Nothing unusually I know! Ten days off and it was mostly spent visiting friends and family. I guess in a way, you could say I needed some me time. For those that joined in our Andrew Scott contest, that ended today. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. We’ll have another contest soon I promise! Until then Happy New Years, and enjoy some of my favorite art! Art above by glasmond on deviantart!


Another brilliant piece by Gabbi at!



Always a personal favorite, Arashicat  at!



The Fall by Brian Rousette at!



It’s for a case I’m sure.. art by ermitanyongpalits at!



Adorable art by graycatlyx at!



One last piece, art by kalliasthegreat at! I’ll be spotlighting more Postcards and Sherlock December Ficlets by mydogwatson soon! Again I’ll announce the winner of our recent contest tomorrow! 

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