Like those Sherlock episodes… I really need to make a comeback! Too much work and no fun makes a dull Sherlock fan indeed.

Although I really need to start posting fanfictions again, I’ll start things off with a few photos taken this November! No matter the age, I’ll always love my cosplay, and playing Sherlock! I’ll have MORE PHOTOS soon, as Mycroft enjoys his cake and James joins us in battle!

Again, sorry for my absence. Much LOVE and HUGS to all of my friends!


PS: If you have something you’d like to share in the future, shoot me an email at skids1985@comcast.net [No Spammers Please!]

For those that have followed my GAME IS NEVER OVER page, I’ll be deleting that due to my time schedule, we can still plan meet-ups on this page!


For those that haven’t been following Ali Miller and The Game Is Now, both still offer FAN SAFE and FUN COLLECTIBLES along with online events! Check out these links and stay safe!

For Ail Miller go to https://alimiller.co.uk/

The GAME IS NOW go to https://www.thegameisnow.com/

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