Two Gentlemen Sharing


Two Gentlemen Sharing, is a continuation of last year’s December Fielets, by mydogwatson! A year has passed but the love and passion between these two heroes remain just as strong, Sherlock’s on a case, while Watson whom could not join him this time, sits at home worried about his companion. Art by sh2jw on Tumblr & Twitter!

A Teaser…

There is something about a lowering afternoon in December when the darkness is creeping inexorably cross the city, that brings on a thoughtful, not to say melancholy, mood. I cannot help but give a snort of derision at my own maudlin musing, knowing all too well what my friend Holmes would have said at the sentiment.

Immediately I felt a twinge of guilt at the thought, which smacked of disloyalty.

Despite the way I portray Holmes in my scribblings, no one knows better than I that he is not the unfeeling machine so often described in the pages of the Strand. Still, it suits us both to have that myth believed by the general populous.

That is true, especially in the past year.

Life moved along so quickly that I was a bit startled to realise that it was indeed almost a full year since Holmes and I had become…what was the word Holmes had uttered during our momentous dinner at Simpson’s? Ah, yes, inamoratos was the word I sought.

Billy had been up a short time ago to tend the fireplace, so there was warmth in the room, as well as a comforting glow that almost banished the gloom from beyond the windows. It was usually a pleasure to sit in my armchair, snifter and pipe in hand, the muffled sounds of carriages passing below on Baker Street mingling pleasantly with the crackle of the fire. But on this afternoon, I could not really relax into the usual sense of comfort.

Holmes was out, tracking down a petty thief, one who was thought to have information concerning a recent spate of brutal killings in Southwark. I should have been along, would have been along, but instead had kept my word to an old friend from my days at Bart’s and left home early to take his morning surgery. By the time I returned to Baker Street, Holmes was in the wind.

As usual, it chafed at me, not being at his side whilst he prowled the meanest streets in London on the trail of a killer. It chafed as well to be sitting here with the fire and the brandy and my favourite shag in the pipe, whilst Holmes could have stumbled into six kinds of trouble. He has a knack for it, my consulting detective.

But for now, all I could do was sit and watch the fire and wait for the gloom to lift while thinking of my inamorato.

And there I go being poetic again.

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