Sherlock’s on-set locations!

With only a month before our London trip, I thought I’d share some on-set locations, taken years ago by Fangirl Quest! Follow Fangirl Quest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! And a HUGE THANKS for sharing these amazing photos with us! 


Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch standing at 187 N Gower St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2NJ, the onscreen location of 221B Baker Street. 



Benedict and Martin posing for a promo shot at 187 North Gower St, London.



John and Mycroft at 187 North Gower St London.



Sherlock at 187 North Gower St London.



Martin Freeman filming Sherlock in London, UK.


St Bartholomew’s Hospital


W Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE, UK.



Sherlock on the roof of St Barts Hospital in London.



Sherlock’s jump from the roof of St Barts Hospital in London.



Derren Brown and John at St Barts Hospital in London.


Sherlock locations in Cardiff, Wales

All locations are open to the public and easy to find, except for the room inside Cardiff Castle (the scene featuring Moriarty’s crown jewels shenanigans) which is a room reserved for private events.

Cardiff Castle

Castle St, Cardiff CF10 3RB, UK.


Andrew Scott’s Moriarty wearing the crown jewels in Cardiff Castle.



Moriarty inside Cardiff Castle.


I’ll Share More Locations Tomorrow along with another segment by mydogwatson! For amazing blogs, follow Fangirl Quest at They’ve got some amazing stuff to share!

And Because I missed it, always busy, Happy Birthday Belated, Sherlock! 





Note to my fellow fans and bloggers: I’ve been extremely busy of late, I know I’m always busy! So many things I want to do and never enough time to do it! But I’m still that loyal Blogger, and I still have so many things to share! All I can do is say I promise to post more soon, and if you haven’t checked out my Retro Blog, please do, you might enjoy it. PS: I do plan to pick up one at Martin Freeman book again!



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