Nickname: Mc 

First introduced to BBC Sherlock: A friend knew I was enjoying the reboot of Doctor Who and recommended Sherlock. I binge-watched the first 2 series on Netflix in 2012 and there’s hardly a day that goes by that I haven’t watched all or part of an episode since. 
Favorite BBC Sherlock Character: Sherlock 
Favorite BBC Episode: The Sign of Three. It was an inspiration for me when I officiated a friend’s wedding. It also inspired kmy ideas for fanfiction. 
Sherlock Beyond BBC: [Anything you enjoy Sherlock related, that’s not BBC?] 
On my first trip to London, I had the pleasure of going to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. In my excitement I had to have a conversation with myself to remind myself that Sherlock Holmes was a fictitious character. 
Personal Interests: My friends accuse me of stalking Benedict Cumberbatch. In truth I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in encountering him a few times. 
I enjoy traveling and I’m putting together a video travelogue of my Sherlock related travels. 

I enjoy doing what I call casual closet cosplay. I’m not sure if I could even call it cosplay compared the Fantastic work I’ve seen other people do. I get a kick out of being accepted. I’m particularly proud of my first attempt because I was immediately recognized as River Song. 

Making up fanfiction but it’s still mostly in my head.
Things I enjoy watching aside from Sherlock include: Grantchester kept me occupied while Sherlock was off on his adventures 

British programming. We’re lucky in the Washington DC area that we have several  PBS stations especially WETA UK, the only PBS station that does all UK programming. 
I tried to catch up on all things Marvel after watching Doctor Strange five times in the theaters. 

Where To Find Me: [Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on this Blogging site!] Hit me up on this blogging site. 
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One of my favorite photos of MC, with Martin Freeman!



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