Molding Sherlock Holmes


I hear from many fans that are more happy to share their art and experiences, but this has to be one of my favorites! For those that have seen the Big Chief figures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I’ve actually spoken with the designer of these amazing head-sculpts! Thanks for sharing Trevor Grove!



Trevor’s comments on these wonderful sculptures!

This was one of those fun opportunities where I was already sculpting the characters for myself, and then they were able to be turned into official figures. Big Chief Studios contacted me about sculpting Baker Street’s Finest, and I was just able to utilize my already in-progress head-sculpts. Couldn’t have worked have worked out better! And for the record….Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were some of the quickest approvals I’ve ever had….incredibly nice of them to make it a painless process.

I would have loved to have seen Benedict and Martin’s reaction to this beautiful figures!

What the finished product looks like!



You can purchase those at Big Chief Studios! See if I can pay a visit to the store, whilst I’m in London with mydogwatson and Tami!



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