Sherlock Screen Used Goodies!


One of my favorite parts of Sherlocked convention is the auction, this year I purchased more screen used goodies! My two personal favorites? A menu from John and Mary’s wedding, and a telegram to Sherlock, from The Abominable Bride episode!

What was on the menu during John and Mary’s wedding? Now we know! I would have went with the Goats Cheese Tart and Roasted Vegetables!


All three party favor boxes are from the wedding! The confetti is the same they used during the wedding too! [Jason from the Sherlocked crew, threw this confetti out to the fans during the auction!] Now I plan to make this until a [Sign of Three] shadow box display!



Telegram for Sherlock Holmes.. A screen used telegram from [The Abominable Bride].



Signs from the bonfire, used in the episode [The Empty Hearse]!



A piece from the [Blind Banker], and one of those flying books from the explosion of 221B, in [The Final Problem]!



A [Hounds of Baskerville] screen used sign! IMG_3840


One last piece from the auction, that wasn’t screen used, but was used to promote the Sherlocked convention in 2015!




A few little extra items from this event include: My ribbons & some collectible cards!





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