Victorian Postcards & More!


Showing off more of my Postcard collection, along with mydogwatson stories! First the collection and then to my favorite stories! Enjoy!


Most of these are Abominable Bride themed!





Now onto those wonderful stories! Postcard Tales [Part II]!

Hotel Splendide by 

Sherlock is on a case in a seafront town when he meets a most interesting man at afternoon tea.


A Book of Toys by 

John gets sentimental.


Scootering by 

There is a new boy at school.


Dreadful Summit by 

John watches Sherlock and keeps a secret in his heart.


The Case of the Curious Kitten by 

Sherlock is on a case and has no time for idiots. Or kittens.


Kiss, Kiss by 

They kiss a lot.


Dangerous Curves by 

The time has come to act. If only he can find the words before it is too late.


A Severed Head by 

John has a few seconds to think about things.


The Horizontal Man by 

A man can see a lot if he is the right place.


Popular British Art by 

An epilogue to The Very Eyes of Me, a Johnlock AU novel.


Common Sense About Smoking by 

A brief history of Sherlock’s life thru cigarettes.


The Penguin Knitting Book by 

Mrs Hudson knits the story.


Flames in the Sky by 

Two men meet on the roof of St. Barts.


One of Our Submarines by 

Two little boys meet in the park and it all begins.


The Drowned World by 

Sherlock’s life as a swimmer. Sort of.


The Odyssey by 

A sequel to Flames in the Sky.


Plats Du Jour Or: Foreign Food by 

Sherlock eats because John wants him to.


Not To Be Taken by 

Sherlock Holmes has one treasure and he will not lose it.


Sex in Society by 

The meaning of sex. Or not.


Civilisation by 

It is not easy being the British Government. Or Sherlock’s brother.


August Is A Wicked Month by 

John is having a bad honeymoon. Then Sherlock shows up.


Warfare By Words by 

Sherlock is at war with the world.


Chosen Words by 

John thinks before he speaks. Sometimes.


Breakfast At Tiffany’s by 

John Watson wants to be a writer. But he needs Life Experience.


The Compleat Angler by 

John goes fishing and reflects on his life. Then he goes to catch a murderer with Sherlock.


Thanks again to mydogwatson for sharing her stories! This site is sponsored by Retro Con 2017

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