Sherlocked USA 2017

One of my favorite shots! Such a brilliant, talented and fun cast! 

I had a fabulous time hanging out with old and new friends! The talents were simply amazing, and so much fun to be around! I loved the Meet & Greets! I was also able to give Sue Vertue two fan signed posters, thanks to some help from The Baker Street Babes and the Sherlocked staff! It was such an unforgettable event!

[Sending out a special thanks to my good friends Austin and Tamiko Welch, love those two like family! Also lots of love to Angelique, Claudia and Tami!! Loved seeing my friend Neil Ross that Friday as well! While Neil and I had breakfast at Denny’s, he told me this interesting story about Basil Rathbone, whom he had interviewed at one point in his career.]

PS: My friend Megan said to add lots of memories, so I did! I missed having her there!

No one honestly know’s what Harry Watson looks like.. So to honor the fictional sister. I dressed as her a few hours. Posing as a drunk that kept drinking from her flask. My friends dressed as John, kept giving me those looks of.. “Bloody Hell Harry! Stop drinking so damned much!”

– – –

My favorite memory was sitting with Sue Vertue, when she told this interesting story about Martin Freeman. Huge Martin Freeman fan here! 🙂 Anyhow as the story went.. It was during the recording of season one, and everything had been slick with ice.. Bad snow storm the night before. Martin had just arrived, and slipped and fell! She then mentioned his swearing and how he was great at combining swear words! He ended up spraining his wrist during this fall and had to hide it during some of the recording.

Chilling with Mycroft..

And More Photos!!!!

It was joked by Andrew Scott during the weekend, that I had a new outfit/costume each time he saw me. Which was true! I must have chatted with Andrew at least five times during the event, always with others around of course.. But I did sit right next to him during several of those chats! [Fan Girl Here!] So it was very noticeable when I changed up!

The Wizarding World of Mycroft Holmes and Mrs. Hudson!!

Fun story behind this photo.. I gave Mark the wand and before posing, he started waving it around, casting spells! He’s such a talented and fun person to be around, and it was such an honor to meet him!

Was I ever out of costume? Not often.. But I had so much fun! 

I loved the comment Sue made about my coat. ‘That the fabric we used for the coat, was almost identical to Benedict’s!’ It was such an honor and a thrill that she liked it so! They also seemed to really love the cap.. It’s humorously tall, but I love it that way!

Andrew Scott was so sweet! I loved hearing his stories and how he had originally planned to be an artist, before he became an actor. Before this shot was taken, he looked up with those dark Moriarty eyes of his, and asked if I were hot in that costume. Speaking of HOT.. Isn’t he adorable?!

This Victorian dress was well loved too! I was in a private Meet & Greet.. Just twelve of us with Timothy and Wanda, when Timothy started mentioning the dress. He was so impressed. He was pointing out all the details to his wife, as she spoke of being a grandmother and how proud she was of Benedict. She also shared little details of Benedict and how he loved being a father! Such a wonderful and amazing couple!

As the Cab Driver from A Study In Pink!





















I had a wonderful opportunity of meeting the Baker Street Regulars before the convention! We happen to meet at Universal Studios, I was wearing one of my Sherlock t-shirts when they spotted me first 🙂 Such amazing and talented cosplayers! I plan to spotlight the two soon!

Tempting Molly as Fred!

The Collectibles!

A few of the goodies I purchased during the weekend, along with Autographs!

                 An autographed poster from all the guests at Sherlocked USA!

A wedding favour from John and Mary’s wedding! One of my favorite items!

A framed piece I purchased with a Fragment of the Carpet!

A framed piece I purchased with a piece of Alder’s Wallpaper!

Those two framed pieces with two canvas prints I also purchased at the convention!

Three autographs I bought at the convention! 

An Autographed Benedict piece I received with my packet!

I’ll also share my Sherlocked Screenshot Collection all of these are 8 by 11 prints.

One last goodie to share.. From the Ribbon Swap! I’ll share close-up of the whole collection soon!!




Our tour Arwel Wyn Jones around the set of 221B!





Hope you Enjoyed! Feel free to leave comments!

6 thoughts on “Sherlocked USA 2017”

  1. Oh what an absolutely perfect time you must have had … !!
    Huge thanks for being kind enough to share your lovely report and photos with us; enjoy your haul of Sherlock treasure :o)
    Best wishes,
    Sherlock Appreciation Society


  2. I was at this convention! I saw you at the cosplay show- you were brilliant! At one point I was in the hotel lounge and helped Timothy Carlton with the coffee machine he was struggling with. One of the best weekends of my life!


    1. That was an amazing weekend! Someday we fans will have to get together again! 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested in future Fan meetups.


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