Sherlock or John?

This is a tough question for many.. The Brilliant Detective or the Lovable Army Doctor?


Will it be Sherlock Holmes or John Watson!


Something fun after a tough choice ūüėČ

Are You Johnlocked?


In an effort to know our fellow fans a bit more.. We bring up that all important question. Are you Johnlocked? Many fans have paired the these two wonderful characters together in both art and story. We would like to start sharing such things, but always with a warning (:

Sherlock Plushies

For Sherlock fans that enjoy a good cuddle.. Etsy has a huge selection! The¬†artist alley at (Otakon) a local¬†Anime convention, has also has offered a wide selection in the past! So if you’re looking to buy a cute cuddle from John or Sherlock.. Start with these two!


Designed by Amagurumi!¬†Although she’s taking a break right now, most likely hitting the summer conventions. She has designed some amazing plushies in the past, some of those include: Hannibal, Supernatural, Dragon Ball Z and basically anything popular.

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Boy Meets Girl!


This blogger is a huge Martin Freeman fan, I’m constantly buying any DVD or Blu-ray with his name in the title! So in saying that.. Today’s spotlight is centers on a 2009 mini-series, titled Boy Meets Girl. Martin’s character (Danny Reed)’s¬†life is turned upside down when he is struck by lightning and wakes to find himself trapped in a woman’s body. Instead of being a scruffy DIY store worker with no prospects, he has now swapped lives with glamorous female fashion journalist Veronica Burton. Danny suddenly must learn how to walk in stilettos and put on a bra, deal with the amorous advances of Veronica’s boyfriend Jay and pass himself off as a fashion expert while also finding out what has happened to his old self.¬†The film also stars Rachael Stirling as Veronica Burton!


 A few minutes of this brilliant series!
 Watch the first season online at: Boy Meets Girl

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