Strange Magic: A Benedict Cumberbatch Interview


From my growing collection of magazine clippings, I share a recent interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, published in The Rake! In it Benedict shares his thoughts on his career, talks of Doctor Strange, and of his partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre!


Much like the Jaeger-LeCoultre he wears on his wrist, Cumberbatch’s performances endure, and when we look around for greater cause for hope in our hazy present, perhaps, if you are reading this, you need look no further. [Quote by Tom Chamberlin]


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The Game Is Now!

thegamesinowIf you haven’t been following The Game Is Now online! Mark & Steven have been sharing some fun goodies of late, and they’ll been offering some fun prizes!! Recently they tested the Logic of fans on Facebook at 221b The Game Is Now & on Twitter at Sherlock: The Game Is Now! You can also find Mark & Steven at Stardom on tumblr! 

Follow these hashtags, they lead to a summer of fun! #SummerOfSherlock #ConsultingFandom


We may have to wait awhile for another season of Sherlock, but the Game is never over! We’ll try to keep you updated! -Sherlock Fans USA


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Sherlock Screen Used Goodies!


One of my favorite parts of Sherlocked convention is the auction, this year I purchased more screen used goodies! My two personal favorites? A menu from John and Mary’s wedding, and a telegram to Sherlock, from The Abominable Bride episode!

What was on the menu during John and Mary’s wedding? Now we know! I would have went with the Goats Cheese Tart and Roasted Vegetables!


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