Member Spotlight: Lea Fleming!

DSC09690 (2)Lea in St. James Park РStanding on the bridge Sherlock and John walked across, in The Bloody Guardsman.

Name: L. Fleming

Nickname: Lea

A [U.S.A] Member 

Favorite character: Sherlock

First discovered Sherlock: Totally by accident. Flipping channels I landed on PBS during one of Steven and Mark’s Special Features (don’t remember which one) and paused long enough to get a little interested – hey! this was really different. Saw Benedict and thought he was so strange but I was not yet convinced.¬†¬†Hurriedly I ordered Season 1 from Amazon and devoured it. But I had to hurry because S3 was coming out in two weeks!¬†¬†So I ordered S2 and by the time S3 showed it was too late. I was obsessed.

Favorite episode: Scandal in Belgravia. I loved the tying together of Moriarty and Irene. Another whole episode could be written right there. And then the game playing between Irene and Sherlock was brilliant!¬†¬†(This can’t be happening, can it?¬†¬†This is not happening; this is happening, I think.¬†¬†This couldn’t happen – or did it?)¬†

 Beyond BBC: Basil Rathbone was the ONLY Sherlock Holmes I would ever accept. I was such a snob that I had never even heard of Jeremy Brett until after Sherlock! My stepfather introduced me to SH when I was about 7 and I was allowed to stay up late on Sat. night and watch the Basil Rathbone classics.  (and if I remember rightly we also watched Peter Seller movies). Then I started reading ACD in high school and have read them all at least 3 times.

Personal interests:¬†¬†Reading – ACD, Laurie R. King, Diana Gabaldon. Fashion, beauty – I own a salon and boutique. I love doing nails and being a personal shopper for my clients. All of whom have been gracious to accept my obsession with Benedict and Sherlock.¬†¬†In fact, I’ve even converted a few – my goal in life right now.¬†

Things I enjoy watching aside from Sherlock include: I enjoy watching Outlander (would love to find an Outlander Con), Poldark, NCIS, Bull, Mr. Selfridge, anything Benedict is in and Instinct.

Where To Find Me:¬†I’m on twitter and fb. On twitter I follow Sue, Amanda, Tom, Louise, & Mark. et al

 I am a member of Sherlock Fans USA, Sherlock Fans over 30, & Sherlockian Things.


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