Alexie Schauerte as Alder & the site’s editor Rosemary Tuski as Guardsman Sherlock

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This costume page is mainly dedicated towards the BBC characters. But I am very open to other costume designs as well! I would love to see a costume from 1895 or one of Conan Doyle, or completely off Sherlock’s trail.. Something in connection with the Hobbit. [But we’ll save that for our Misc Page!] If you have something you’d like to share, please contact us at sherlockfansusa!



Think by Mixed Mayham Pro.


Sakiko-Seihikaru as Sherlock & das-Diddy as John Watson


Another photo from Sakiko-Seihikaru. Those included in this photo: das-Diddy as John H. Watson, HelloDarkside as Irene Adler, NaokoSato as Mrs. Hudson, MizuFuunakami as Anthea, the–Draco as Mycroft Holmes, GenesisRhapsodos as Jim Moriarty and Sakiko-Seihikaru as Sherlock Holmes.



Aguru as Mary Morstan, Truth Or Dare as Sherlock, and photo by Anna Providence.


Truth Or Dare as Sherlock, photo by Anna Providence.



 Sleeping Frog as Mycroft, with Mark Gatiss



Cosplay Spotlights!

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Becoming Holmes & Watson


My first Cosplay Spotlight, with two talented fans I met at Sherlocked USA! Big thanks to both Adrian & Jen for this amazing interview! Follow these two on Facebook at Baker Street Regulars Cosplay or on Instagram (@bakerstreetregulars)!

The Woman


Like many of us, Alexie is a huge fan of Sherlock! One of her favorite characters, is Irene Adler. She now shares with us how and when her costume first came together!


The Smart One!

I’ve known Sleeping Frog for several years now, and no other fan has impressed me as much as she has when it comes to Mycroft Holmes. Her costuming the character has not only impressed fans, but Mark Gatiss himself! It’s an honor to now spotlight and interview this talented friend!





Now a look at the Editor’s costumes!


Sometimes it’s hard to choose that first costume.. Especially when you have so many favorite characters and so many amazing outfits to choose from! But one must make a choice when traveling. If not.. It can get very expensive. So for my first Sherlocked convention, I tried to remain conservative.


My main costume was the Guardsman Sherlock. I personally felt it was a hit and so much fun to run around in! The guest and fan reactions were priceless! It got very hot after a bit.. But well worth it!



During the weekend I changed up and became Fred the cabbie driver from A Study In Pink! Which was very popular too! Mark Gatiss commented on it and then dared to take the challenge! Taking one bamboozle bean, whilst I took the other. He obviously got a good bean! 🙂



I also dressed as a Victorian woman fighting for her rights to vote, I thought it went great with The Abominable Bride! Speaking of the bride.. I also have the Bride outfit! This was photos of it coming together!



Lastly.. Harry Watson is my final costume in the BBC verse. No one knows what she looks like or at least they hadn’t until now!


In the future I still plan to do a Wedding Mrs. Hudson [With that big white rimmed hat!] And possibly a Victorian Mary Watson!

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