Sharing our favorite Convention moments as fans!




Sherlocked USA 2017

p4I had a fabulous time hanging out with old and new friends! The talents were simply amazing, and so much fun to be around! I loved the Meet & Greets! I was also able to give Sue Vertue two fan signed posters, thanks to some help from The Baker Street Babes and the Sherlocked staff! It was such an unforgettable event!


A Golden Sherlocked Convention!


Sharing another exciting adventure from Sherlocked USA! This time from my friend Lea‘s perspective! She also dressed up as a Brilliant Mrs. Hudson!


A Cumberbatch Trip To London!


 A very interesting story from my friend Lea Fleming! She had the opportunity to go to London a few years ago and see many of the on screen locations from the BBC series. She also got to see Sherlock Holmes’s cottage in East Dean, and by chance ended up nose to nose with Benedict Cumberbatch! This is her story!



Sherlock BBC & More

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