This page is dedicated to the Sherlock BBC Collectibles!! I’m sure I’m missing quite a few items.. But I’ll list the ones I’ve managed to find and buy! If you have something you’d like to share, please message us at sherlockfansusa!



Sherlock goodies from around the world!

Sherlock Screenshot Collection!


My Sherlock Screenshot Collection! All of these are 8×11 prints, that were purchased during the Sherlocked Convention! I have a great love for John Watson [Martin Freeman], so you’ll see a little favoritism there!


Collectible Postcards and Stickers!


Victorian Postcards & More!


Showing off more of my Postcard collection, along with mydogwatson stories! First the collection and then to my favorite stories! Enjoy!


The U.S. Comics! 

Two to share so far.. A Study In Pink and The Blind Banker!


A Study In Pink [The U.S. Comics]


Sherlock [A Study In Pink] came in a 6 part comic release. The comic was originally released in Japan and from what I understand it is now being released in the UK. Throughout the six issues fans were offered a selection of variant covers. I don’t have all of them, but I have quite a few. Enjoy and feel free to leave feed back! More Updates on the site soon!


The Blind Banker



Misc Collectibles!



Sherlock Board Game

The Sherlock Cluedo came out several years back, so most fans have already seen this set. But.. I still had to share mine! Being a collector, I had to have a loose one to play with and a sealed one! I always have a blast playing it with my family, and no matter which character I play.. I’m always the killer!


Fan Made Collectibles!

Lego Sherlock



The title says it all.. I am a Huge Lego nut!! And because of that I’ve been working on a few custom figures! Eventually I would like to make a whole set of these characters. But for now, a small preview!




I find these Ponies simply adorable! I just want to cuddle them all!! This first Sherlock Pony is made entirely out of corriedale wool, with some pipe cleaner for wiring. His coat and scarf are removable! Designed by Nucozih aka Moon Face!




Mini Plushie Sherlock, by ThePlushieLady!

This blog’s spotlighting some of the cute plush dolls I’ve seen online! Have you hugged your Sherlock and Watson today?! Big thanks to all of those that shared their goodies!

Sherlock BBC & More

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