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Hi(gh)jinks on the London Eye

One of the touristy places we visited during our week was the Coca-Cola London Eye.

London eye

It was a beautiful, sunny spring-like day in London when a few of us decided to go take a whirl.  There were six of us in one of the cars with about six other people who thought we were some of those crazy Americans that they had always heard about but never properly seen.  I noticed that, literally, when Rosemary, Meg and myself went to one side of the car, the other (non-Sherlockian) people kind of migrated away from us.  As far away as they could get.  (I feel accomplished.)

3 amigas


A little known fact of mine is that I am afraid of heights.  The Eye moves so slowly that you really don’t realize how high up you are.  The cars are large and heavy so they don’t rock.  We were having a grand time taking snaps and videos. It was so amazing!

At the zenith, you can see almost all of London.  From Mycroft’s MI6 building to Battersea Power Station to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the views are a sight to behold.



It was one of the best Valentine’s Days I have had in years:

Sherlock and John being chummy.

Mary giving a ring to Moriarty.

Sherlock blowing off a marriage proposal.

All I can say is, next time James will have a bigger bauble and maybe a locked-room mystery or two to entice Sherlock away from John.  Or maybe kidnap Johnny boy to get Sherly’s attention.  Hmm… decisions, decisions…

John n Sherl

John n Sherl2


This is 30 minutes of my life I will never forget.  Thanks to my partners in crime: Rosemary, Meg, Beverly, Beth, and Anne.  You made this day more than I thought it could be.  Thank you from the bottom of my little heart.

Next week: Lunch at the Sherlock Holmes Pub.

(These are my personal pictures, please do not repost elsewhere
unless you get my permission. Thanks.)

Sherlock on location: Part 3


Finishing up these Sherlock locations, with just over a week before my London trip begins! Enjoy! [Again a HUGE Thanks to Fangirl Quest for sharing these goodies! Follow Fangirl Quest on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook! Above photo of Martin and Benedict on set in Cardiff.] Above and below, Three Bears Cave Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7JS, United Kingdom.



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More Locations From Sherlock!


As always I’ve been extremely busy! The London trip nears, and in a few weeks, I’ll be enjoying some of these locations in person! Again a HUGE Thanks to Fangirl Quest for sharing these goodies! Follow Fangirl Quest on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook! Above photo of Martin and Benedict on set in Cardiff. 

Kitty Flynn’s

51 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AD, UK. [Please note: permanently closed.]



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A Harry Potter Weekend in NY City!


I’m taking it beyond Baker Street today, to brag a bit about my adventures in NY City this past weekend, and how I met Daniel Radcliffe! My friend Denise and I mainly went to New York City, to see Radcliffe in The Lifespan of a Fact. The Play was brilliant and very entertaining, and I can’t say one actor was better than another because all three were fabulous, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale were also a part of this amazing cast! [Above is a photo of my friend Denise and I, about to enter Studio 54, for The Lifespan of a Fact!]


It was beautiful inside the theater too!



I got Daniel’s autograph and so did Denise, but it was difficult to get any photos with the talent, with all the fangirls… I heard someone actually ask Daniel if he’d date them, he was very polite as he said no, ‘I’m seeing someone’. I did get a few photos of the actor, as he was heading in, and I’ll forever cherish my signed pop figure!



So I posed with the Grinch instead, with my signed Pop Figure!


And there was a ton of Grinch to see in Time Square, most of these photos and videos are from Forever 21 in Time Square!



He’s giving me the eye…



Ghostbuster Firehouse goodies and a few photos from the 9/11 memorial will be posted on my Retro Blogging Site!



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