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The Victorian adventure continue between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as Mike Stamford tries to play matchmaker once more! This is part of the mydogwatson‘s Sherlock December Ficlets of 2017! She also has a new series that can be found here:  2018 Advent Ficlet Challenge and as always, leave mydogwatson some comments, she’d love to hear from you! [Art by arashicat at!]

A Teaser from Thin Ice, the full story can be found here: Thin Ice

I did not move from the divan. I was alone in the parlour, save for the uneasy company of my own darkening mood.

It was impossible not to hear Watson up in his room, whistling a cheerful tune as he divested himself of his second-best suit and donned…well, I could not imagine what he might be donning, actually.

I had reacted with equanimity early this morning when Watson announced that he would not be in for luncheon, as Stamford had invited him to take the meal with him at his club and Watson had accepted, despite the inconvenience caused to me. Apparently, my important plans for the day were of no consequence. It happened that my scrapbooks were in dire need of updating and Watson was a dab hand with a brush and pot of glue. I credit his surgeon’s fingers for the fact that he always made a much neater job than myself of pasting items of significance into my alphabetised volumes.

But no, apparently it was more important to go eat mediocre beef and soggy Brussel sprouts with Stamford than it was to sit in our cosy rooms and assist me.

The news had quite spoiled breakfast, which was usually a time when I could freely indulge in a bit of observing and then cataloguing a variety of Watsonian expressions, while he was engaged with the Times and the marmalade. But with his announcement, my mood soured, which he did not even seem to notice. Things had not improved one whit after his return from the club, when he cavalierly announced that after being gone for two hours and seventeen minutes over luncheon [that a small stain on his left cuff proved to have been as mediocre as predicted] he would be going out yet again this evening.




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The Victorian stories continue, and the secrets, as I post mydogwatson‘s next segment of Sherlock December Ficlets from 2017! Art by sh2jw, along with another secret Sherlock?!

Here’s a little teaser… The full story can be found at SECRETS! And please leave mydogwatson some comments, after you’ve read her amazing stories! 

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Write It On Your Heart

tumblr_nz5bp3ADaO1rn4ft0o1_1280Sherlock is clearly a man out of his time, in this brilliantly written victorian tale! This marks the end of Sherlock December Ficlets, we’ll be starting up on mydogwatson postcards series soon! [Art by sh2Jw] Until then, enjoy this teaser..


Write It On Your Heart

After a time, Holmes straightened and I handed him his whisky. We clicked our glasses together in a toast to…well, us, I suppose and drank as the clock moved closer to midnight. Before the hour struck, we both stood and walked over to the window, looking down at Baker Street below.

He began to speak. “Occasionally, I indulge in fanciful thoughts.”

“My logical Homes?” I teased gently.


“And where do your fancies take you?”

“Onto a future Baker Street, a future 221B.”

A lone carriage passed by.

“A future Holmes and Watson?” I enquired.

He nodded, smiling faintly. Sheepishly.

“Do they solve crimes?”

Holmes took a swallow of his whisky. “Well, Holmes does. Watson is his conductor of light, as always.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. There were no passersby on the road below. “They care for one another, just as we do,” he said in a soft voice. “But the world is very different. They do not have to hide. They have no fear. That is what I think about sometimes.” The short laugh he gave was devoid of humour. “I am clearly a man out of his time.”

I refused to allow sadness into my heart. “We know our hearts. No one can steal that from us and I refuse to live one unhappy day because of anyone else.”

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year,”Holmes said into my ear. Then he smiled again. “Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

_ _ _

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