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A Successful Pool Party!

It’s going to take me days to get everything posted.. It’s my first day back from vacation, and it’s already back to work! But I will show photos from a Successful Pool Party! Of course the whole weekend was great! Sherlocked is amazing, as always! The organizers were brilliant, the guests are amazing, and I loved hanging out with fellow fans! 


We loved having the amazing crew of Sherlocked, join us for a Pool Party!

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Sherlock Tunes on John’s Laptop!


Here’s a geeky addition to Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party next week! I’ll be bringing my R530 laptop, to play Sherlock tunes on! It’s identical to the one John uses in the first and second seasons of Sherlock!



Are you ready for a fun convention? I am! Hope to see you Sherlocked next week!

Follow the Pool Party on our event page: Mrs. Hudson’s Pool Party! Party start’s at 6 pm Thursday evening! Location: The LAX Marriott Pool area!


We’re inviting fans to enjoy Sherlock Cupcakes! Learn to make The Black Lotus, like in The Blind Banker! We’ll have Party Favors, filled with candy, identical to the one’s from The Sign of Three! And we’ll have More goodies on site, so come join us!