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Home Sweet Home!

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I don’t think there’s a single fan that hasn’t heard of Ali Miller and her amazing tea sets… Not one season did her sets miss an appearance, if our favorite characters were at 221B and there was a tea to be offered, you would see these amazing sets.


Now there are several reasons I’m spotlighting these sets today, not only are they amazing to own, but wouldn’t they make a brilliant Christmas gift?! Shop and Buy One Now!

Also, Ali is having a contest soon, wouldn’t it be cool to win one of these tea sets?! Within the next month or so, Ali will be announcing a contest, I myself an excited about it!


Future Plans that include Ali Miller: I’ve also spoken with Ali about showing off some of her sets during London’s Comic-Con in July of next year… We Sherlock fans will be there, to celebrate all things, Sherlock! In February I also plan to stop by and visit her studios!

More goodies an announcements on Ali Miller soon, until then, buy that special someone in your life, a beautiful tea set for Christmas, at:

Sherlock tea

Did You Miss Me?


With a hint of James in that title, I share some amazing art, from some of my favorite artists! Above and below by Andy C.White!

[Editor’s Note: As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been extremely busy this past month and a half, running my own business/convention and working full time on the side. But I plan to start blogging more and planning a London trip with friends. I also want to start doing Sherlock conventions next year, setting up and promoting our club. I’ll also be sharing that next chapter in Martin’s book soon, and some fan cosplay/stories!

And for any of my friends that have the free time, I could use a fellow blogger, although I have many friends and fans that contribute, only one person blogs on this site, I could use the assist.]


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Moriarty’s Return in The Game Is Now!

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Exciting things are happening in London as Moriarty returns in The Game Is Now!! Tickets are now on SALE now! And I just love John Watson with a beard!! Watch the first official trailer to learn more! Follow the Game Is Now on Twitter and on Facebook!
An interesting piece from Anglophenia, on The Game Is Now!
This Blogger Is Truly Excited!
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