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Cumberbatch, Freeman & SNL


I decided to do something different this Monday morning.. I’m sharing some Saturday Night Live [SNL] moments with both Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman! For Benedict Cumberbatch, my friend Mike and I stayed up all night, on a New York City sidewalk, to see the show! Would have done the same for Martin Freeman, if I would have known ahead of time 🙂 Above is one of Benedict Cumberbatch November 2016!

Sump’n Claus with Martin Freeman!


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Meeting Martin Freeman!

It’s taken awhile.. But I now share what I call my first Sherlock USA Fans discussion / podcast! This first one centers on Martin Freeman and a Labour of Love. My friend Mc Harris volunteered her time and memories on this! (Video was taken by yours truly as Martin stepped out to greet his fans, and yes I was the one that said.. “Oh my god.” A very exciting moment for this Sherlock/Hobbit fan!)

A Big thanks to my friends Teri (mydogwatson) and Bianca Mcfly (Sleeping Frog), for saving me a spot to meet Martin and for the photo, Bianca!


Labour of Love was a brilliant play! Lots of praise to the cast and crew! Photo from my London scrap book!