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The Game Is On For London!!


I’ve been insanely busy of late, running a Retro Convention with my husband! With that said and done now.. The Game Is Now on for London! A group of us fans will be traveling to London, for Martin Freeman’s play [The Dumb Waiter], and for The Game Is Now! If you’re in the area come hang out with us, this February! More Plotting, Fan Art, and Fan Fiction soon!

-Lots of love from a Nerdy Blogger!

Sherlock Fan Trip To London: Hotels

For those Sherlock fans planning  to meet up in London, for Martin’s play and some Sherlock fun! Here’s the hotels we’re looking at.


The Days Hotel London- Waterloo: This hotel is normally priced 75.00 a night. But for fans planning to join us, there will be an employee discount, thanks to Rhonna Di! Let us know if you’re interested in this hotel, or contact Rhonna on Facebook. [This hotel is also handicap accessible, with a continental breakfast.] The address for the Days Hotel: 54 Kennington Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7BJ, UK 



The second hotel choice is, the Montana Hotel at 67/69 Gloucester Road Kensington London SW7 4PG. The price of the rooms start at $83.00 US dollars a night on Expedia, of course there’s taxes on fees on there. [It’s in a very nice location, in the heart of London. With a continental breakfast, that offers a classic buffet selection, featuring a range of fresh fruits, cereals, pastries, cold cuts, yoghurts and more.] I’ve personally stayed at this hotel before, and it’s very nice. It doesn’t look to be handicap accessible though, I’ll look into it a bit more though.

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