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Fit To Be Tied


John Watson has a kinky side, a kinky side he’s never told Holmes about. Now on pins and needles, awaiting Sherlock’s return, John explores the unknown.. A fantasy that involves his best friend?! Wait a minute.. John’s not gay!

This time the story’s written by my friend Debbie aka da-petty, and it has me ‘Fit to be Tied!’ Warning its an adult fan fiction, so there is nudity included and much more! 

Since I original planned to post this, Debbie has written seven more chapters.. Read all ten at Fit To Be Tied! Art by levineh on deviantart!



The Case of the Half-awakened Wife!



Life’s gotten crazy again.. It’s always crazy! So as always forgive me for the delay. I haven’t forgotten My Baker Street Boys! As you know, I not only adore the cast and crew of this wonderful series.. But the fans that continue to celebrate this wonderful show! 

So in continuing that celebration, I once again spotlight one of my favorite writers mydogwatson! I’ve always adored her postcard stories, and this story was the first of many! Art by Amanda Tolleson!

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