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O Night Divine


In a time when they must hide their true feelings, Sherlock and John share a dance. They’ll also find time for something more, in this brilliantly written segment of Sherlock’s December Ficlets by mydogwatson! Art by Olga-Tereshenko at Deviantart!

A teaser to ‘O Night Divine’

After far too long, we were finally able to excuse ourselves from the dance floor, expressing the need to visit the refreshment table which was situated in the adjoining ante-room. But I cleverly changed direction at the last moment, knowing that my friend would follow me, as he always did. We climbed the stairs, away from the public rooms, going where no one else would follow. Our destination was the library. Once inside, I lighted one lamp only. With the door closed, we were ensconced in a private world; it was only the sound of the music rising up from below that reminded us of the ball.

Watson just stood for a moment, listening. “I dreamt last night that we were at a faerie ball,” he said softly.

I merely shook my head a little at his fancy.

Then he bowed in front of me. “May I have the honor?” he asked gallantly and now his gentlemanly charm was entirely delightful.

I took John Watson into my arms just as a waltz began below and we danced. We danced. 

You’ll find a continuation of this story at: O Night Divine! Also upon finishing that story, leave mydogwatson some comments! She’d love to hear from you!



Picture a modern day John Watson, a Watson from 2010, one that has yet to meet Sherlock Holmes; reading love letters from a Victorian John and Sherlock! It’s a reincarnated love and it’s brilliant! This story had me on the edge of my seat the entire read! I can’t thank mydogwatson enough, for these incredible stories, and for always sharing! Enjoy Palimpsest as much as I have! Art by Olga Tereshenko!

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