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The Case of the Half-awakened Wife!



Life’s gotten crazy again.. It’s always crazy! So as always forgive me for the delay. I haven’t forgotten My Baker Street Boys! As you know, I not only adore the cast and crew of this wonderful series.. But the fans that continue to celebrate this wonderful show! 

So in continuing that celebration, I once again spotlight one of my favorite writers mydogwatson! I’ve always adored her postcard stories, and this story was the first of many! Art by Amanda Tolleson!

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Sherlock Holmes to John Watson..


Or as most fans know it sh2jw! Recently thanks to Tumblr and Twitter and a little research on my part, I was finally able to contact the artist behind these wonderful books!! For those fans that wanted a kiss between John and Sherlock in season four.. You’ve got it! In.. It is what it is!

I’ve purchased many books by sh2jw in the past, and couldn’t help but spotlight this Brilliant Artist! Now to purchase your own.. Let’s start with The posh boy loves the Captain! They do sell out fast, so don’t miss it! Follow that link for a complete order form!


I’ll continue to spotlight this brilliant artist in future blogs, along with the books as they come out! Follow sh2jw on Tumblr & Twitter!

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