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As Thanksgiving nears, and many of us are running about getting ready for the holidays, I thought I’d spotlight some of my favorite stories! I loved mydogwatson‘s Sherlock December Ficlets, I’m sure you will too!  Note: This is the first of many segments, I’ll share the rest after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Moons, Myths And Man

The sun truly needs the moon in this next segment by mydogwatson! Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are worlds apart, but their hearts and minds are constantly on each other. Soon they’ll be together again, although tragedy must first strike. Art below by!


A teaser from this latest story by Mydogwatson..
What color is the moon over there? SH
Because there was nothing else he could do for either the dead soldier lying next to him or for himself, John composed the text he should have sent.
Dear Sherlock, sometimes the moon is silver over here and I think of your eyes. Is that odd? Sometimes it is so pale that I think of your skin. Of course, there are nights when there is no moon at all, roiling storm clouds that make a dark night even darker and that put me in mind of your occasional black moods and how I wish I could be there to offer what comfort I can. Oh, and the stars here…I look at them sometimes and they make me hope for a future for you and for me that is that bright and that glittering. A future for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson that would make history because together we are unbeatable. I am sorry that I didn’t answer your text before this. Before it was too late….
John wanted to say more [he always wanted to say more] but he could feel himself slipping away and even though he could hear an approaching copter it didn’t seem likely there was time to save him.


For the full story: Moons, Myths And Man
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Moon of Mutiny!


Sherlock and John are still miles apart going to different colleges, but they still remain close at heart. I believe in happy endings! This another brilliant segment by mydogwatson! Art by mashakukhar!

A Short Teaser..

As pleasant as it would have been for Sherlock, it was unhappily not possible for him to spend all of his time in the chemistry lab. There were other [boring] classes that one was occasionally required to attend and also occasionally one needed to eat and to sleep and whenever he tried doing either one of those things in the lab someone would point out the idiotic rules.

Some things, of course, would have been dangerous to do anywhere someone might see.

He had a small bedsit in a house on the edge of the town centre, having persuaded his annoying brother that forcing him into the company of others in one of the residential halls could lead to nothing good. Mycroft didn’t know about the drugs, of course. If he had done, Sherlock knew that his brother would have instantly dragged him off to some dreadful facility and forced him into sobriety. Worse, he would have run to Mummy and tattled.

All of which was completely unnecessary, of course. He was not an addict; he was a user. The cocaine did not control him; he controlled it. Although no doubt Mycroft would simply label it an act of childish rebellion. What did he know anyway? His only rebellious act was to sneak a third slice of cake.

At least cocaine wasn’t fattening.

Admittedly, though, the morning after could be a bit grim. But he hadn’t really understood how very grim it could actually be until this particular morning. [Or afternoon, really, given the angle of the sun coming in through the window.] Unpleasant reality only hit when he rolled over and managed to open his eyes to discover John Watson sitting in the room’s lone chair.

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