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The Victorian stories continue, and the secrets, as I post mydogwatson‘s next segment of Sherlock December Ficlets from 2017! Art by sh2jw, along with another secret Sherlock?!

Here’s a little teaser… The full story can be found at SECRETS! And please leave mydogwatson some comments, after you’ve read her amazing stories! 

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Sherlock December Ficlets [2017]: Humbug!


Last week I recapped on a favorite December Ficlet by mydogwatson, but I hadn’t posted the story in its correct order, so I’m going to start this over again, and share each story as it was printed, and shared! The first story was called Humbug! Art by sh2jw!

John Watson has his secrets… Here’s a teaser, the full story can be found at Humbug! And please leave mydogwatson some comments, after you’ve read her amazing stories! 

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As Thanksgiving nears, and many of us are running about getting ready for the holidays, I thought I’d spotlight some of my favorite stories! I loved mydogwatson‘s Sherlock December Ficlets, I’m sure you will too!  Note: This is the first of many segments, I’ll share the rest after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Art by arkarti at!



Moons, Myths And Man

The sun truly needs the moon in this next segment by mydogwatson! Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are worlds apart, but their hearts and minds are constantly on each other. Soon they’ll be together again, although tragedy must first strike. Art below by!


A teaser from this latest story by Mydogwatson..
What color is the moon over there? SH
Because there was nothing else he could do for either the dead soldier lying next to him or for himself, John composed the text he should have sent.
Dear Sherlock, sometimes the moon is silver over here and I think of your eyes. Is that odd? Sometimes it is so pale that I think of your skin. Of course, there are nights when there is no moon at all, roiling storm clouds that make a dark night even darker and that put me in mind of your occasional black moods and how I wish I could be there to offer what comfort I can. Oh, and the stars here…I look at them sometimes and they make me hope for a future for you and for me that is that bright and that glittering. A future for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson that would make history because together we are unbeatable. I am sorry that I didn’t answer your text before this. Before it was too late….
John wanted to say more [he always wanted to say more] but he could feel himself slipping away and even though he could hear an approaching copter it didn’t seem likely there was time to save him.


For the full story: Moons, Myths And Man
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Moon of Mutiny!


Sherlock and John are still miles apart going to different colleges, but they still remain close at heart. I believe in happy endings! This another brilliant segment by mydogwatson! Art by mashakukhar!

A Short Teaser..

As pleasant as it would have been for Sherlock, it was unhappily not possible for him to spend all of his time in the chemistry lab. There were other [boring] classes that one was occasionally required to attend and also occasionally one needed to eat and to sleep and whenever he tried doing either one of those things in the lab someone would point out the idiotic rules.

Some things, of course, would have been dangerous to do anywhere someone might see.

He had a small bedsit in a house on the edge of the town centre, having persuaded his annoying brother that forcing him into the company of others in one of the residential halls could lead to nothing good. Mycroft didn’t know about the drugs, of course. If he had done, Sherlock knew that his brother would have instantly dragged him off to some dreadful facility and forced him into sobriety. Worse, he would have run to Mummy and tattled.

All of which was completely unnecessary, of course. He was not an addict; he was a user. The cocaine did not control him; he controlled it. Although no doubt Mycroft would simply label it an act of childish rebellion. What did he know anyway? His only rebellious act was to sneak a third slice of cake.

At least cocaine wasn’t fattening.

Admittedly, though, the morning after could be a bit grim. But he hadn’t really understood how very grim it could actually be until this particular morning. [Or afternoon, really, given the angle of the sun coming in through the window.] Unpleasant reality only hit when he rolled over and managed to open his eyes to discover John Watson sitting in the room’s lone chair.

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Welcome to Mars!


Sherlock and John are now attending different schools, their interests have changed. Watson is the captain of football team, while Sherlock is attending a private school, and has his dance recitals. Growing up is hard! But there still something there! Here’s another amazing chapter, by mydogwatson! Art above by arashicat

A Short Teaser..

As was usual, John was the last one to leave the changing room. His role as captain of the football team required him to make sure that all was left clean and organised after practice. Technically, of course, as a year thirteen student, he could have passed the chore on to a younger boy, but he took his duties seriously. And, also, he rather enjoyed spending some time alone. It was certainly better than being at home these days. If he could have gotten away with sleeping in the changing room, he might well have done.

Finally, when he could not find a single wet towel left on the floor or another forgotten text book under one of the benches, John turned off the lights and stepped outside. With a sigh, he turned to lock the door and mentally prepared himself to go home.

“The duties of leadership must be onerous indeed if that sigh is any indication.”

His first impulse, as always, was to grin. But it had been a fortnight since he’d heard a single word from Sherlock bloody Holmes and he was not inclined to immediately let the bastard know how glad he was to see him. “Didn’t think a posh public school boy knew how to find his way back to this lowly comprehensive,” was what he said. Finally, he turned to look at Sherlock where he was perched on the bicycle rack.

Public school boy indeed.

John assumed that the uniform the other boy was wearing would have at some point included a jacket. Not to mention a tie. But now it had been reduced to a snug white shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows and narrowly cut black trousers that were decidedly not standard issue. The picture was finished off by the unruly dark curls and a cigarette dangling from lips that probably warranted more contemplation than was safe. All in all, Sherlock looked as if he belonged on the poster for a bad boy film. The only thing needed to complete that impression was a shiny motorcycle.

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Stories For Boys


These two have been best friends from the start, and they plan to always be best friends! But will their interests always remain the same? This will be ongoing story by mydogwatson! Art above by GrayCatlyx!


A Bit of a teaser..

John Hamish Watson was not best pleased.

Both of his feet were firmly planted on the worn carpet, his arms were crossed in front of his chest and the expression on his face was thunderous. He had been so looking forward to this day and now it had all been ruined. “This isn’t fair,” he said fiercely.

Unfortunately, Headmaster Owens looked entirely unimpressed. “Watson,” he said mildly, “you are not in primary school any longer. Things are bound to be different here.”

John sighed, trying to be patient with the man; clearly, he was not aware of how things were meant to be. “But Sherlock and I have always been in the same class. Since nursery, even.”

“How nice. But now you are eleven and in secondary school. New rules, new classes, new friends. It’s an adventure.”

John was not an idiot, no matter what Sherlock called him at least once a week, and he could see that his arguments were not going to move the headmaster at all. Still, he had to try. “Sherlock doesn’t want any new friends,” he muttered darkly.

The smile Headmaster Owens gave him reminded John of the hated Mycroft. Smug, Sherlock once said and after looking up the word, John could only agree. “Yet he is not here whinging, is he? Clearly, Holmes is in his proper classroom and so you ought to be as well. Good morning, Watson. Unless you want a mark against your name for being tardy on the first day, I suggest you hop to it and get to Mr Gilroy’s room.”

Of course Sherlock isn’t here, John wanted to say. Because this kind of thing is down to me.

Mummy Holmes had once called him the Ambassador to Sherlock and that had made him feel good. Important.

But right now, he didn’t say anything else. He just frowned at the headmaster once more, to make sure that his displeasure was clear and left the office.

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